An insight into the wardrobe of a 4 year old….

To finish off the blog posts about my niece in a round about way I thought i would give an insight into some of the outfits she has in her wardrobe (i say wardrobe to make it seem cool when in fact it’s under bed draws) and some of the outfits she wears. Now before i get into it i would like to say there’s not going to be any expensive or branded clothing here simply because she’s a toddler, she gets messy and she grows ALOT so I’m not about forking out money for clothes and then not allowing her to be a normal kid in them. This way i don’t have to worry about just how ruined they get and she can do whatever she likes (within reason) with them on. She also has a vast majority of clothing that she likes in her draws as if we’re shopping for clothes and she sees something that’s appropriate she’ll end up getting it simply because even if its ugly to my eye it’s not to hers and i want to allow her to express herself in a way she wants.

Olivia’s clothing pretty much come from the same place, I mean there are a few stragglers that i happen to see and pick up along the way, which ill be sure to mention the place of purchase if that does come up but where i live there isn’t really a decent clothes stores for toddlers so we end up usually shopping in the clothing part of Morrison, Nutmeg. I will try to add pricing and information on the clothing but like may clothing pricing does vary so even though my niece is 4 she is currently in 6-7 clothing meaning the prices i put will be for that age.

30710079_10216923126649679_2748069983224332288_n (1)


Pineapple dress chosen by Olivia herself, comes with a little pineapple bag. £9 Nutmeg. The back is pretty low but other than that the material is really good and not too much shrinkage when washed.






Sunglasses £3, Trousers £6, T-shirt £5. Nutmeg. The watermelon pants are my FAVOURITE thing and Olivia being Olivia loves the funky patterns, T-shirt is a weird material and discolors a little, Sunglasses Olivia picked herself because pink.




Onesie, if im being completely honest I can’t even remember. Nutmeg. Its hands down my favourite thing ever, its thick and SO soft. Was more than happy to allow her to even walk up the road to her nannas in it.






Trousers £7, Top £5, Jacket £6. Nutmeg.

Trousers are actually embroided at the pocket which you sadly can’t see in this picture and they are cuffed at the bottom. Jacket is a normal hoody sort of jacket, not very thick but those sorts of things never really are and the top is a flowly coral colour, the only issue I have is with the two layers of cloth it becomes difficult for them to put on themselves.




Dress £2.99, H&M. I LOVE the designs of their dresses so I picked up a couple when i went into a different town the other day. The sizing of it does confuse me a little but Olivia loves them and they’re cheap as chips (nearly)





T-shirt £1.75, Romper £4. Pep&Co. Also picked these up when I was in another town the other day. I do find the sizing to come off a little short and they do shrink quite a bit in the wash but if im honest with you i was expecting that.





Pyjamas, £6.99. TKMAX. They are official Disney pyjamas I just happened to spot them when we were at tkmax one day, im unsure if they’re still for sale at disney and if they are what price but they’re SO cute. A little thin but it’s always quite hot in our flat so that’s never an issue.





T-shirt, can’t remember the exact price but I think it was somewhere along £6. Nutmeg. You cant see the print properly in this picture but it is in fact a dinosaur print t-shirt with a little blue accessible pocket on the front. Olivia picked this one, its her favourite animal, or just thing in general, dinosaurs. I love it, it goes with anything.





T-shirt not sure on price, Trousers £7. Nutmeg. The t-shirt is in fact shirt material and does have darkish blue and white strips with an extra bit or trimmed fabric near the collar, it also has cuffed sleeves. The trousers are white high-waisted ‘skin tight’ jeans with accessible pockets. The tshirt sizing came up a little small and shrunk in the wash to an unwearable size but the jeans are still to this day wearable, just not as white.





This is a two piece outfit that is sold as one. Trousers and top £12. They’re only recent purchases so havent really had a good run of the life of a four-year old but I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes. The top is has a knitted look about it and has little flowers embroided into the top. The waistband of the pants are also stretchy even though the bottoms are very flary.


That is 10 looks from Olivia’s wardrobe, as I said her clothes are SO affordable and as far as im concerned she makes them look as good as they can, granted all the clothes may not be in your taste nor to the design you’re looking for but there are other affordable clothes of a more normal style, Olivias just not a normal styled girl. I can honestly say though that majority of the clothing that has been brought have been able to be used more than once and clean off pretty good. It’s just a shame you can slow down the growing process of a child so it can be used a little longer.

Also before ending this blog post I would like to make it apparent that all these photos were not taken in one day. Olivia loves a good photo like any child, posing is her favourite thing to do, besides eating and being a drama queen of course. These photos were actually taken over the course of a month or two and quite happily.

Have a good day

Sky x

The first official year of school….

If you know me personally or follow any of my social medias you would be well aware that my eldest niece, Olivia-May is near finishing her first official year of school. As someone who’s quite involved with my nieces I thought id write a blog post just to describe some of the certain things that are different from what i thought they may be.

I’m not here to give horror stories nor fill other people’s mind with dread on what that year may entail as obviously everyone has different experiences but this year was definitely nothing like I thought it may be. To say i went in with this idea that it was going to be easy as anything and the involvement needed wasnt major meant i was given a big shock, call me naive or whatever but bear in mind i havent really been around anyone younger than me so this whole starting school experience is brand new to me.

The uniform, I don’t think going through school i was truly aware on the cost of uniform, i think i just assumed that it was money and money was available no matter what so it was fine, this year i was truly shown just the price my parents must have regularly gone through. Not so much in older years at school but definitely in the younger years children are growing CONSTANTLY, my tiny little 4-year-old niece currently already being in 6-7 t shirts is a prime example of that. Meaning her cardigan is just about still fitting her, her shoes are near enough too small, her tshirts are just able to be tucked in and this is after having to buy several more packets because they’ve become so dirty what with the activities she’s done or the discolouration which quite frankly i CANT stand, any tips on helping that would be more than appreciative. Meaning thinking back there’s never really a month free where you aren’t buying something new. On a tip note, definitely have a spare 2 or 3 pairs of trousers on hand because no doubt said child will come home on Monday covered in mud but come Friday they’ll be walking home in sparkling clean uniform, happens every week without fail.

Homework, never really a nice topic. I don’t know what made me think in my tiny mind that homework would probably not be an option this year, whatever it was has made me more than aware just how truly stupid I am. The writing is pretty easy, in fact with a little bit of persuasion and showing of the letter formations its more than easy to get a kid to try to follow along, especially when they only really make you write one or two letters at a time. ITS THE READING. I am genuinely grey. Whilst theyre growing up children always have books read to them meaning the first proper time in getting them to understand that they have to try and understand the words themselves is tricky meaning it often becomes them looking at the pictures which of course is fine, until later on in the year. Olivia is pretty good with understanding words, recently being moved up onto a level 2 of reading however it doesn’t mean that she WANTS to do it, if anything its a task. A child will just blurt random words out when you ask them what it says even if they are more then aware on what that word actually is, to them its boring so why do they have to pay attention? So you take a deep breath and try again because it’s not their fault really they just dont understand so you sit there for at least an hour to finish one page meaning you both become frustrated and just downright done with it. I even went as far as to ask some advice from the teacher, i was told to take it slow and only read two pages per time, didn’t really have the balls to tell her getting past the first word is a struggle within itself. Not that it would be very believable, kids take on a completely different personality when they go to school, stick your halo on your horns type.

The last thing that you don’t really expect is the amount of events. I mean obviously I have no idea if other schools have so many events on but Olivia’s school has LOADS. Dont get me wrong i LOVE it, i love how they get each parent so involved with the kids learning and how they often invite you in to little shows to show the progress they are having but my god, Liv has something on almost every week and my diary is FULL. To the point im almost anxiously checking it at random times in a day just to be 100% sure i havent accidentally missed the fact i have to pop to the school for something. The other month i went to eat fruit and read, yes exactly.

Now please don’t take this blog post the wrong way. I’m now fully educated on that absolute mountain school is to climb from the outside and I do indeed salute actual mothers. I am also in no way slating a school or the things they do as what do i truly know. I just thought i would be truthful with just how brutal of an effect it is.

The positive though is that it’s SO rewarding to see this tiny human form in front of your eyes, to see them excess as certain parts and just become more confident in themselves. For sure since starting school Olivia has come out of her shell a little bit and not only that but she comes to our house informing us of facts that we of course ‘dont’ know. The other month it being the story of easter which I was pretty impressed with. At her parents evening last she got nothing but praise with how much she had been able to do in such a short period of time and hearing someone talk about a child in such a way is a confidence boost within itself. So it is more than rewarding but it is very challenging at the same time. Anything for the kids though right?

Have a good day

Sky x  

Have my parents always been supportive?

In the past I’ve had a lot of questions about the view of my parents when it came to the very big decisions in my life, especially the ones before I became 18. I’ve been asked on how supportive they are or how the situation came to light and they handled it.

The main thing in my life that my parents had to face obviously being the fact I left school early with no GCSEs. As any normal parents, education was everything to mine, my dad in particular. My mum was never really very strict but if my dad had his way i was at school everyday. So when year 11 started and everything got bad, i struggled on where to find the balance in pleasing my parents but not making myself and my mind unhappy. If anything i was planning on switching to a different school just to be able to keep that aspect ok. However when my parents realised just how unhappy i was and how bad it was truly making me they themselves said that if i wasn’t happy i was to remove myself completely because changing places wasn’t going to fix the situation only patch it until a later date. In that respect i was extremely lucky to have parents that recognised the situation i was at and freely asked me what i wanted to do instead of forcing me into something else. Which i am forever thankful for.

Travelling is a different situation however. At first my parents were fully supportive and told me to try to travel as much as I could but as time went on and it came to the point i was just buying tickets and not going through with travelling they naturally lost their temper, i mean rightfully in the money aspect of things it’s not practical. They never stopped encouraging me though they just asked me to put it on the back burner for a little while.

Counselling. As you all know if you’ve read back a few posts, I’ve been through counselling twice for my mental health to no help whatsoever, both times I was lucky enough to have supportive parents. My mum would walk with me to the appointments everyday and wait outside for an hour just to walk back with me and my dad would ask about it and act interested in all the information i would relay to him. The second time counselling happened they were as weary as i was, the state it put me in the first time wasn’t a happy place but trying again is always an option. When i told them i wanted to quit counselling they were more than happy to let me go through with my decision and didn’t really question it at all, in a way i think they understood after the first time.

Luckily i don’t think there has ever been a time where my parents haven’t been fully supportive of my past decisions, i mean obviously there are times where they get frustrated when i make progress and then get set back or there’s something I’m just not able to overcome, with frustration comes sadness. I think when mental illness was mentioned way back at the beginning they were so uneducated in it that they were learning along with me, maybe they went along with everything because they were scared and unsure on what way to approach the situation but in all honestly i feel they done everything and more i could ask of.

I often think of what if things were different. I know in myself that for my dad to allow me to give up my education it was a huge deal for him, but I know that personally if i had been made to stay in that sort of environment for much longer i would’ve grown up to hate my parents. A strong statement but it was making me so unhappy and mentally unwell. I know that if i wasn’t given free rein on being able to discover my travelling and overcoming that on my own then i would’ve blamed them, in any way i felt like i could get away with blaming them. If anything it made our relationship a hell of a lot stronger as i feel like without them i wouldn’t have improved as much as i have lately.

I am also more than aware that some people are sadly not as lucky as i am so i personally take my situation in the best way. I just feel sad that some people aren’t able to have that support there to help them grow because it’s honestly the best way to improve yourself and your mind.

Have a good day

Sky x

Full face of Revolution..

Little bit of a different post from me. Its something i don’t really make posts about often because its not my neck of the woods nor am i really good at it but makeup is a very secret love of mine, ok not that secret but it made it sound mysterious.

The other day i was rooting around you tube and saw all these different videos on people reviewing the new makeup revolution foundation stick. Now i’m not one for foundation in a stick form and if i’m being completely honest this is the first time i’ve ever really used one. I also thought i might aswell do my entire face in revolution products as i own quite a few and they’re affordable for everyone. This may not be the correct terminology or the correct way to really apply it but i’m all for informing. I would also like to just slide in that although i do occasionally use the revolution website to buy products i mainly purchase from super drug because its literally down the road from my house! If you want to check out their official website however Click here

Primer. The primer i used was Ultra Face Base Primer.

It states that it gives 24 hour makeup protection. I cant for sure say if it does because i am in no way going to wearing makeup for more then a couple of hours and definitely not for 24, so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt with that. Some primers i’ve used have gone on my face feeling really thick but this one almost felt non existent. However it didn’t help with the makeup on my nose issue I’ve been having so all in all i’ll give it about a 7/10.


Foundation. The foundation i used was Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

From looking this foundation up it seems to come in 18 shades at this moment in time, they do have quite a range of shades but personally i don’t really know the ins and outs of all shades, but there’s always room for improvement so if they add more shades that would be brilliant. My shade is F1. It states that its for fair skin tones with neutral undertone. Now i’m going to be honest here and say, i have no idea what undertone colour my skin is, whether its got yellow undertones or pink or what. So neutral seemed the safest option for me. As i said earlier on i don’t use stick foundations, never have, so i was slightly confused on how to apply. Whether you swipe it off the stick with a brush or you swipe it on your face. I went for the latter.

The foundation is thick. It goes on pretty well although its pretty thick to blend out i find but eventually it gets there, i would like to add that could have been for my application but this is the third time i’ve used it and its been tricky all three. The coverage i would say is around medium coverage but very easily build able to get full coverage and the finish look is as they stated, dewy. The only thing i really find wrong is it oxides, only ever so slightly, but this does mean that F1 becomes just that little bit too dark for me. For that reason i’d give the foundation 7/10 also.


Concealer. The concealer i used is Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer.

I am obsessed with this. I originally brought this before the foundation because there was such a hype around how it was a dupe for Tarte shape tape (I’ve never used that but I’ve heard how good it is) so i brought it on the off chance, i mean £4 who could say no. I’m obviously the lightest shade, i love it. Before i got the revolution foundation i had run out of my previous foundation so used this concealer all around my face and it worked SO WELL. As always though i do have a tiny fault, it doesn’t last very long. I’m not sure if that’s because of how small the packaging really is or what but i feel as though it runs out so quickly and i don’t feel like i use alot. Apart from that i LOVE it. I’d give it 9/10.


Powder. In the super drug near me they didn’t actually sell any of the sorts of powder like i usually use to mattify my face however they did have a bake and finish powder so i adapted. Of course i also used the powder for its purpose and baked, again if i’m being completely honest i haven’t a clue what that does but everyone does it so why not follow the trend. As the powder was ghost white i didn’t really want to powder my entire face with it so when i was wiping off the powder i used to bake i just lightly moved the powder around my face with a brush instead of brushing it off completely, it kind of worked? The packaging it comes in is a good size and other then the difficulty i had taking the actual sticker wrapping off the holes to get some of the product it was good but i’m not going to judge something on so small as a sticker. I’d give it a 10/10 i guess? I mean it does its purpose.


Contouring and highlight. To contour i actually use a palette, which just so happens to be the first ever Revolution thing i brought. Golden sugar. Ill place a cross in the picture below of the exact ones in the palette that i used. I personally think that it blends out perfectly and doesn’t leave some patched darker then the others which I’ve found can happen with some other products i use to contour with. Whilst i’m talking about this palette i might aswell mention that i also use this palette to highlight and i am completely and utter in love. Its so bright and noticeable and i am obsessed with it, I’ve used it ever since i brought the palette. It makes me laugh a little because its down as a blush palette but that’s one thing i don’t use it for but makeup is for you so use it how you want. I’d give this 9/10.


Blush. For my blush i used Revolution Blush Palette Blush Queen. If i’m being completely honest the blush i usually use is a single one that i brought AGES ago. I must confess that it is in pretty bad condition hence why i decided to use my palette in this look but just know in an everyday look i would usually use the single panned blush, treat. Which at the time i brought i think cost me only £1. Superdrug however don’t sell it anymore, i’m unsure if their official website does or not. In this look however i used a blush palette, which i must admit is not really my cup of tea. I’m not a fan of a shimmery blush. I don’t know why but personally its just not my thing, i like my blush quite matte. I have to admit though even though they’re not my preferred sort of blushers they are still really pretty. I’d give it 7/10.


Eyebrows. For my eyebrows i used Revolution Ultra Brow Palette Fair to Medium. I actually got given this by a friend as she wasn’t using it anymore and not to boast but people quite like my eyebrows the way i do them so i was really thankful for that. I do in case none of you are aware actually have quite dark brown hair, with a little bit of red but with the eyebrow product i use everyday i use a fair to medium one anyway just because i don’t like my eyebrows to come across overly dark so this was perfect for me. I didn’t use the highlights etc in this palette because i didn’t highlight my brows, for no other reason then i didn’t remember. The shades i used were all three of the darkest ones. I would give this 6/10.


Eyes. For my eyes i used two Revolution palettes and both are some of which i use all the time. Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless Resurrection 3 and Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave which they actually don’t have in the shop i purchased them from however they do have them on the website. As i said i use these two all the time, i find they are very high in pigment and they have such a pretty colour variation. For an everyday look 2 palettes isn’t really needed but the Resurrection 3 doesn’t have a dark black and that’s what i wanted to use in my outer corners that and then i spotted the gorgeous shade i used for my eyelid, this meaning the only colour i used from Resurrection 3 was my transition shade. I’d definitely give these a 9/10, I would say 10/10 but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Last and final product! Lips. My lip products actually came from a lip vault i got just before Christmas. The Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Vault. I used the colour Of Noble in both the lip liner and the matte liquid lip.

Sadly there was one revolution product i couldn’t find in my superdrug and if i’m honest with you i didn’t want to buy and then pay for delivery just on one small thing, Mascara. I do want to try their mascaras but that’ll definitely be for another time in the future when i buy more then one product of theirs. If you happen to be interested in what mascara i used it was L’Oreal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara.

Here is how the look turned out..


That’s it for my makeup look. I don’t use fixing spray or anything like that, probably because i don’t feel like i wear makeup long enough to need too but maybe one day i’ll try a revolution one out and give you all a review on it. Future blog post maybe? If you enjoy this one that is, i’m aware its not my usual and most people probably wont sit through and read it all what with my rambling on but if you’re still here, thank you.

Have a great day

Sky x

Effects of small but life changing events…

Earlier on when I was just being my general nosy self i happened to come across that it had actually been roughly a year since i wrote a blog post on how damaging i found the fact that i couldn’t travel on a train. Its scary really because i can remember exactly how i felt at that time and how i felt as a person, which wasn’t very important that’s for sure. I had this unusual fear of the unknown and how it could affect me especially in travelling. If anything i had a fear or a sudden illness rearing its ugly head in my parents whilst i was gone for the day. This meaning i missed out on a lot of potentially exciting life events, and a lot of money. It also meant i lost a lot of friends due to people just really not understanding the true severity of it. Sad but true reality.

Somehow and if I’m 100% honest with you I’m still not sure on how i really got the guts to even give it a try, maybe i felt forced or maybe something just suddenly clicked in my mind and i was able to travel. I mean don’t get me wrong its taken me nearly an extra year to be able to travel in a comfortable way and don’t ask me to travel to any other places because that’s just too soon for me but at this current moment in time i’m really happy with the progress i have made.

In a way its made me happier, sounds silly but its given me a tiny bit of freedom that in a way i needed. I felt so trapped and constricted in my life that to finally have some sort of freedom and time to myself makes such a big difference to my life and the fact I’m finally able to create memories that mean something means a tonne more.

Obviously there are other things in life that I’m still pretty much afraid of that could really help in making some life changes but if i get too into that then that’ll be a side of me exposed and at this moment in time i’m not ok with that nor do i have anyone around me in which i trust enough to confide in. Another sad truth.

If I’m honest I just wanted to write this post because when my life really was at rock bottom i was convinced that in no way it could get better and every time someone said to me it will eventually get better i just laughed it off. I mean granted my life isn’t better in every aspect but the small improvement in that one aspect makes a tonne of difference. A tonne of happiness. So even to some people it may seem like the tiniest thing, for me it’s the best thing that could’ve happened. After all they do say that its the small things that make the biggest of differences.

Have a good day 

Sky x

Storage tips for Children’s clothing…

I’ve never really set myself up to do a blog such as this but when cleaning out and re-sorting my nieces clothes it made me think of all the things that I wish i knew years ago in order to have such an organised but small clothing storage space.

As some of you may or may not know around 6 months ago we moved from a very spacious house into a just about the right sized flat, saying this flats do not really cover the excessive storage space you need with growing children in the house so we’ve had to get around it with what we have.

My eldest niece is 4 years old meaning she is in the prime time on where clothes don’t really fit a child for longer than a couple of months, maybe a year if we’re lucky. So i thought i would share some tips on how i stay up to date and organised in knowing what pieces of clothing we have..

1, Make sure you sort out the clothing regularly, maybe once a fortnight or once a month depending on how big an amount you have. Something that fits a child this week could suddenly be too small or too tight for the child and there’s no reason to have clothing that’s unwearable keeping up space that could be used for something else. Also if we’re being honest if you’re in a rush when doing the washing theres a large chance that you yourself could forget and just shove the clothes in the drawer and forget about it until you open it again and realise the mess.

2, To make sure the clothes are weather proof I sort them out each time with the clothes that aren’t particularly useful in this time being at the back whilst the most likely to be used to be at the front. When i say this i pretty much mean all the summer clothes are at the bag of the drawer where they are hardly ever are used because we live in England.

3, Typically when putting clothes in a drawer everyone lays them on top of each other. Which is fine and perfectly normal but I found out that if you in fact turn the clothes on their side so you’re able to see a piece of the clothing not only will you fit more in but every time you open to get some clothes you will be able to see everything you have in front of you instead of having to rummage through piles and messing up the folding of clothes. The image below shows what i mean in case anyone is still confused by my somewhat scrambled explanation.


I must add though that stuff like underwear and vests don’t particularly need to be placed this way unless you have a specific colour or pattern for a certain day.

4, Sections. Now sections are pretty important for me. At this current moment in time Olivia’s clothes are in 1 drawer meaning the sections make it easier for me to be able to know the difference between the article of clothing. So instead of having to rummage through to find a top it’s very much visible to my eye as soon as the drawers open. I tend to do my sections as Underwear and socks, school clothing, t-shirts, trousers and pyjamas. I separate the school clothing from everything else because if im being honest it just makes it easier in the morning at half 7 to open the drawer and just be able to grab everything we need for that morning.

5, Onesies are hell. They’re nice and cosy and they make them look cute as anything but storing them is pretty much a nightmare when they’re so fluffy and have all these excess bits to take into consideration. I tend to stay away from them but some are just too cute to resist, meaning they get nicely squished up right at the back of the pyjamas section. Which suits me fine until I figure a way to store them sufficiently (let me know if you have any tips!)

6, Pyjamas are irritating. They’re the bulkiest things, except for jumpers and onesies, that will appear and for some reason kids (young ones especially) seem to have a never-ending supply of them. The easiest and smallest way I’ve found to store them is too in fact fold them into each other meaning


You do however occasionally get that pair of pyjamas that are too thick to fold into each other or the legs of the trousers don’t work in a way that allows enough stretching room, in that case I just fold them how i would any other clothes. Luckily our place is quite hot 24/7 so the need for a lot of thick pyjamas isn’t there so we only have a few.

7, The last and final tip isn’t really a tip for storing clothes, more of a tip on maintaining them. Since school has become a thing in our life I’ve noticed that little ones uniform especially her trousers are getting these irritating bobbles everywhere. There is no problem with them nor does it affect or get unwanted attention from the school, it’s just ugly and I feel it can make your clothes look older than what they in fact are. This is where those seemingly pointless instagram videos do me a favour. The other month i was watching one where a woman used a razor to help with the bobbles in her clothes, i myself never thought of this before without the fear of ripping the clothes. That and its a strange thing to do. However being the ever curious person i am i decided to give it ago. I was too scared to use a normal everyday razor as they don’t particularly come cheap these days so instead i used my eyebrow/ facial razors. It worked perfectly and the school trousers that were beyond irritating for me look good as new. I must admit it takes a while but it’s definitely worth it. I even went around and cleaned up a few or her other everyday trousers that were getting bobbly aswell. Yes that’s what is done in my spare time.

These are some of the things that I’ve learned so far in the 6 months of having to scale down everything massively. In fact its somewhat done me a favour in realising that most of the stuff that was either in livs clothes or mine we just didn’t wear because they were either too small or we just simply forgot they were there under the massive piles of clothing. This way everything gets used, fits perfectly and works with the season.

Im actually enjoying the journey of learning all new tricks on how to store something as small as possible so I thought someone else might find it enjoyable or at least need to know a way of making the best out of small storage spaces. I learnt off the internet so thought i would carry it on and give someone else the chance to learn something new and resourceful. Let me know if you would love to know what else i’ve learnt since moving!

Have a good day

Sky x


The first month of being 21..

Hello everyone its been a while!!

My last blog post was in fact back in the beginning of February about being 21. If you follow my blog you’d be aware I do more than 1 post a month but to say the first month of being 21 was fun would be beyond the definition of a lie. In fact the first month of me being 21 was horrid.

In the beginning of February I had the biggest anxiety attack which seemed to be tailed closely by a horrendous stomach bug which had me in bed for 3 weeks straight. On the plus side when all the snow had fallen i was too ill to be able to even acknowledge it which im slightly happy about as i HATE snow with a passion. Even now im still somewhat recovering from it as i do still feel slightly weak and dizzy at times but thankfully the worst of it is over.

On top of that every single piece of technology I had seemed to break. My phone and my laptop. In a way its a little laughable because they both broke on the same day but i can only be thankful that im in a place to get them fixed. So now im able to post and get back to what i used to do.

Apart from that sadly I don’t really have anything to update. The fact that my first month of being 21 was taken up mostly by illness is a bit of a bummer and i would’ve loved it to have been more enjoyable but there’s still 11 months to go!

Have a good day (and see you soon!)

Sky x