To Cheryl..

Sometimes in life we struggle, struggle to the point we hardly know ourselves nor do we know what we want from our life. Often during these struggles we find comfort in something or someone.

To some people it might seem silly, looking up to a celebrity and them having such an impact on your life when you’re only one adoring fan out of the thousands they have. When you try to explain your close relationship with them they shrug it off and say you’re too obsessed or you need to get back to reality.

The reality is that with Cheryl it is like you’re talking to one of your friends, the time she takes to talk to all of us, understand us in a manner not very many people will have the patience too. She makes a difference in people’s lives with the lyrics she sings or merely by the slightest comments she makes. It’s a connection not very many people will understand but who cares when the ones that matter will.

I have so many things to thank you for, my life not being the best it could be nor am I able to cope with everything that’s thrown my way. I feel like many people thank you for saving them, I wish I could do the same but at this moment in time I’m still being saved. I would however like to thank you for being there. Sometimes a song makes a difference to how you feel, the depth you look into the lyrics depending on your mood could change everything and sometimes that’s all I need.

I’ve come to realise looking up to you that sometimes bad things happen to the best of people, you can have years of upset and horror only to be greeted with nothing but love and happiness after. That negatives comes with some positives and in the end love concurs everything. By love I mean love in every way, not just romantically but love in yourself, love in everything beautiful with the world, love in everything you once took for granted.

If there’s a plus in these down times it’s the fact our eyes are open to the things around us, the things we once didn’t bother to acknowledge as our life was once chaotic.

I’ve also come to realise that in life strength can be shown different ways whether it be in the smile we plaster on our faces or the strength we have to carry on. The way we manage to get through every obstacle that’s thrown at us with our head held up in some kind of way. That’s strength and you’re full of it. The strength you have with not just everything we know you’ve been through but everything you’ve gone through privately, everything you’ve had thrown at you and every piece of Criticism that’s come your way. I feel in a way people seem to forget you’re just like them, you’re human. Your feelings often being taken advantage of and played like they’re a game that needs to hit the high score.

So I’d just like to thank you. Thank you for managing to help us even in your darkest days, thank you for managing to pull us from our deepest hour, thank you for taking the time to speak to each of us on such a personal level. Thank you because I doubt very much that if I didn’t have you beside me I wouldn’t be here till this day.

I wish you nothing but love and happiness and every positive vibe in the world. May your smile never leave your face💫✨

Sky X


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