In my short life ive experienced my fair share of bullying. From people i hardly know to people i used to think of as a close friend, its sad. Its sad and hurtful that i have such an effect on these peoples lives that they feel like they need to bring me down with them. Its sad that because of rumours being sent around i had to be targeted so many times with little snide remarks or hits with a dictionary.

I mean school was the normal issue, rumours starting in year 7 and ending up following you throughout the years. My most common one being head lice, which i myself find quite amusing. It went on for so many years that in the end i laughed it off, hoping they’d think of a new reason to bitch soon (they never did). For some reason its something that people feel if you have you’re dirty. If you done your research you would know that lice are attracted to any sort of hair no matter what condition or length it may be. That it is most common in young children. That they cant fly, jump or swim so if you assume the bugs in someones hair are suddenly going to complete in some marathon to attach themselves to your being you’re very wrong. Also the itching they cause is down to an allergy to the lice not having the lice themselves and can often still be present a while after you treat them. They are also only catchable from head to head contact. So if you sit in the same room as someone and they’re the other end of the room you’re not going to be swarmed by a tonne of head lice and regret the day you ever arrived in English to study curlys wife, dont worry.

Another issue i was bullied about was my emotions. I felt like in secondary school you weren’t allowed to show your emotions. Like for some reason they were apparently something you needed to shy away from. That if you in any way made them obvious then that was you being weak and almost giving yourself up to the bullies. Now im a very emotional person may it be when im angry or upset i nearly always end up in tears. This isn’t something you do in secondary school, apparently. You’re meant to stand up with your head held high and your problems and panic hiddem from the world but sometimes thats impossible and i feel we need to stop having that thought towards the subject. I remember one time in science before i left school i got into a difficult situation with a girl there and some remark was made by a teacher about my mother which made me extremely angry and even though i had gone to the toilet to calm down i couldn’t control my anger and barged into the room, making the door slam against the wall and have everyone stare at me. The thing is if i stayed at school i probably would have never lived that down, you see people look for the weak moments in people and forever use that against them.

Its funny because growing up i always had the assumption that bullying only occurred in school but as i got older it didn’t stop, moving to college and being targeted to then be hit with snide remarks and constant abuse online. I’ve often thought down about myself and thought of different ways to get out of it when its gotten too much. Often thought the best way to let them win is disappear but im at that stage in my life where i realise that its them that needs the help not me. That for someone to bully someone they must be going through something themselves or there is something in their life that they’re not quite content with. My mother use to always tell me that people only target you because they’re jealous of you, because you have something that they want, this isn’t always true. Sometimes bullies target you for no reason other then to feel better about themselves, you could have no previous connection with them and out of nowhere they could flip at you.

I could sit here and say that to stop bullying we need to stop being a bully but sometimes their thoughts are often clouded and they feel what they’re doing is somewhat normal. I recently watched a film called ‘a girl like her’ on Netflix and it really opened my eyes. This girl was adamant that she didn’t bully this other girl that she was only ‘joking with her’ but after watching secretly filmed footage of her bullying the girl she suddenly realised what she was doing, having no idea before hand that she had caused such hurt within someone else. Bullies not only need to be stopped but need their eyes to be opened. That how we stop them for good.


Sky x


3 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. It disgusts me how awful people can be. I’m proud of the person you are so don’t ever change for anyone! That documentary on Netflix is on my list to watch next, it sounds so interesting ❤️

    (Ps I love how you can even bring humour into this, the one about Curly’s wife made me laugh haha 😂)


    1. Thank you and yes its very true! From little changes big changes can happen. Thank you so much for taking the time to read 🙂


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