My Stepdad….

As its father day soon i thought i would introduce you all to the one person i dont usually talk about very often, my stepdad. And it feels very weird writing stepdad when to me hes my dad, no step about it, so bare with me.

Now i can not for the life of me tell you when my stepdad precisely came into my life because i was of such a young age i cant really remember, my mum however informed me i was 3. Now i never usually do posts that include my stepdad because hes a very reserved person so not many people are aware of him.

The relationship i have with him is pretty strong, for as long as i can remember hes always been there for me, yes we’ve had a few hiccups along the way and we’ve definitely had a few verbal fight but thats parents and teenagers for you. I remember one very well, he used to give us these talks. You know the sit down i want to have a word, things have to change talks. Me being the bratty kid i wasn’t didn’t agree in the slightest and kicked off, i remember refusing to talk to him for days no matter how hard he tried.

I remember how bad my fear of water used to be and he made it ok.

I remember when we were in my nans back garden and he had showed us a wrestling move and i thought i could do it and my brother flipped it and i sprained my arm, the panic he had.

I remember when i had the fear of school, how he used to give me pep talks and talk me into going without having to physically force me.

I remember every Christmas eve me and him always spend the day together baking, my favourite day ever.

I remember when he told me it was my decision on whether i left school and that my health was more important to him.

I remember last November when i was really down and he knew Christmas cheered me up so he allowed us to put the decorations up a month early even though he hates it.

And i remember everyday when i do little things my anxiety usually stops me doing and he tells me hes proud of me.

The fact that he cares for us all so deeply when we are in no way blood related will always mean so much to me. I’ve often thought about what i would do if my real dad came back, ive often thought about how the situation would pan out. I know for a fact my stepdad would never stop me seeing my real dad but i dont think i ever would want too. To me my real dad feels like someone who did a good deed, someone who helped someone who wanted kids. My stepdad is my dad. He is the man that brought me up for all them years, that pretended to be the tooth fairy, the one that stood at the front room door and pretended to be Santa and took a bashing to the leg (sorry pal). As much as i cant stand the guy sometimes i could never imagine my life without him. We have that bond, you know the ‘we love eachother but act like we hate eachother’ bond and its a laugh. It gets to the point i can call him names and he can call me names and thats fine. we’re like dumb and dumber.

I feel like the fact i was never a girly girl is the main factor to why we are so close. I never wanted dolls or makeup when i was younger i just wanted to build and bake things, coincidentally my dads two favourite things (cutting the grass however is definitely up there). We would spend hours baking with eachother, trying out different recipes and just laughing about everything and anything and those are the memories i will cherish forever.

I know that no matter what he will always have my back and i will always have his.

Remember, he doesn’t need to be of blood to be your father he just has to give you love.


Sky x


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