Self Help: Understanding your mental illness.

I feel as though even though we are aware of our illness and the effects it has on us we are unaware of the small details of it,mainly because the teaching of it is somewhat non existent and we are left to find out things for ourselves, unsure if the things we are seeing on the internet are something we can call reliable.

So what is panic attacks?

Panic attacks are often a product of us overthinking and they often appear to us in a bodily sensation of anxiety which often leads to misinterpretations as we assume those signs are harmful to us in someway. The thought that you could potentially be in danger means that all your emotions are heightened which leads to increased anxiety which then causes even worse thoughts to enter your mind. Its abit of a never ending cycle if im honest with you between the bodily sensations, dangerous thoughts, anxiety and panic attack.

However if we look at this from a normal perspective panic is an appropriate emotion for danger there for if we make our body believe we are in danger then of course we are going to panic yet we still try and control the emotion when in fact we need to go deeper and train our thoughts into thinking that oh we know this belief is untrue there is no need to panic, easier said then done i know. This may even be hard to find as most panic attacks come out of the blue, this is because even though we may not be aware of it we are thinking about the situation we are or could be in we are just not concentrating on the thought thats being produced.

Most common beliefs that cause panic attacks

Now i am aware that everyone’s panic is different therefore your belief may not be on here, that doesn’t mean your belief is silly in anyway it just means it wasn’t something i thought of whilst writing this post, you can however get in touch with me and i will be more then happy to add it in.

  • Misinterpreting your rapid heartbeat as meaning that you are suffering from a heart attack or heart failure.
  • You misinterpret the tightness in your chest with the meaning that you are finding it hard to breathe and any minute may stop breathing entirely.
  • The fact that you go lightheaded causes you to assume you are going to faint any moment.
  • You mistakenly believe that your panic is going to cause you to lose control and do something you will forever be embarrassed to go out in public again.
  • Assuming that even though these fears never happened last time you had a panic attack that this time will be different and something may happen.

I can tell you if not with facts by with experience myself, none of this will happen.

Rapid heartbeat is merely a normal sensation of physiological arousal, this means the physiological excitation’s that you may feel when you’re afraid for example the ‘flight or fight response’ at those times you’re adrenaline may increase and you breath faster.

Most people assume that during a panic attack their oxygen levels lower which then causes them to have the thought that they are unable to breathe or will stop breathing at any second, i can tell you that your oxygen levels during a panic attack rise and the only reason you feel that way is because the mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide is now out of proportion.

Fainting is a natural thing that only happens when your blood pressure suddenly drops this means fainting is an impossibility when panicking as your blood pressure levels rise because of the mixture of adrenaline and hyperventilation.

A panic attack is never going to cause you to go out of control, if anything it causes you to want to be in more control. Losing control to such a level is not possible.

Its never different, in every attack you have, these are not going to happen.

Important things people need to know.

A thought itself is not enough to cause someone to become anxious. You have to believe the thought and believe everything that comes along with that thought, which remember you have the power to not believe those thoughts, second guess yourself.

To have a panic attack 9 times out of 10 you have to tell yourself something that isn’t true, remember panic attacks are not dangerous, you’re fine, you’re going to be fine.

Having a panic attack makes you lose sight of some of the truth in everything which makes you more liable to believe the false, once you get that truth back you’ll see the end.

Having a panic attack doesn’t make you any lower a human being then people who dont, you are your own person and if someone doesn’t understand your situation there isn’t room for their negativity.


Sky x


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