Now im aware to some people this is a topic they dont particular like to be covered, people often assume that if you make what medication you’re taking to be known you’re either attention seeking or finding the easy way out. Opinions are something everyone is entitle too whether we ourselves see them as right or wrong. Now i could sit here and talk about every single tablet i have taken for my anxiety but im afraid we might be here reading this all day so im going to keep it current.

I take 40mg of Fluoxetine and 120mg of Propranolol a day, not all at once obviously but spaced out into statedĀ amounts throughout the day. You see im not one of those people that assume medication is the one thats making you worse nor am i one to assume that it cures everything. Im merely just someone trying any way to make my mind somewhat better to be able to cope with everyday life.

Now with medication they never usually start you of on anything strong, funnily enough i was started on a medication which side effects were that it could increase your levels of anxiety, amusing i know. Over time i gradually got onto stronger medication and then on to the one i have now, the bad thing is ive been told im not allowed anything stronger, they cant up my dosage nor am i able to be prescribed anything stronger because there just isnt anything they can give me, this is where it gets complicated because i know they used to help and to some extent they still do but overtime my body is getting use to them and the effects are becoming less dominant. I know eventually i’ll have to face the truth and be taken off them completely, i suppose in a way they’re sort of a comfort blanket to me.

However Bare in mind everyones outlook on their medication is different, i mean to judge someone for the way the decide to handle something is wrong let alone judging them for their choice of medication. I can give you all the self help tips i can but honestly self help is quite possibly one of the most difficult things to do, even counselling. The first couple of months are constant fights with your own mind on whether you should do something, constant fears and constant backlashes from your own thoughts. Im aware some people think that if you take medication you’re weak and taking the easy way out and im aware some people think its the medication that makes us worse and im ok with that, if someone looks at me funny because they’ve found out im on medication for a mental illness thats their problem not mine, they can have opinions and they can voice them but as long as their opinions arent forced on to me then they’re nothing to worry about.

The things you need to know!

When taking medication for the first time some people are unaware of how much you have to look into what you’re taking. They often skip the very important leaflet that is included in the box assuming its as boring as a terms and condition of a website, its not.

The leaflet is usually split into sections, each sections informing us of different things to do with the medication you are taking. These are usually

  • Important things to know about the medication.
  • What your capsules are and what they are used for.
  • What to look for before you take your medication.
  • How to take your medication
  • Possible side effects, from severe to hardly noticeable.
  • How to store your medication.
  • Further information you may want to know.

I get the leaflet looks like a bore, i get its not very appealing to look at nor is it something you wish to keep your focus on for very long but it is very important and its better to read before thinking of putting any new drug in your body for not only your peace of mind but also for the sake of your health. Some medication has very strict guidelines that need to be followed, often like not drinking alcohol or just simply eating something either 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after taking it. It may seem little but they are so important to make sure its being 100% effective and helping you as much as it can.

Saying this medication is always a choice and i am in no way forcing this option on you, i am not saying everyone needs to be on medication, im not saying that it’s the only way to be sane. Everyone is different and if you feel like you dont need medication then dont and if you feel like you do contact your doctor they can advice you and you could potentially get the help you need without the need for medication.

If im honest i just want everyone to be able to speak about it freely. I feel as though theres some sort of barrier surrounding the thought of medication and how we should hide it away from everyone because if we happen to be open about it we’re attention seeking and asking for people to feel for us in some way. We’re not. Im not. I want to take my medication without people giving me funny looks, i want to fill in a form without getting the feeling im being thrown away immediately. I want to feel like taking my medication is ok and not something i should be ashamed of because right now i am and its other people that are making me feel like that. I hide away and take my medication when i know i wont be around anyone whilst doing it and thats wrong.

Have a good day

Sky x



2 thoughts on “Medication…

  1. My family and close friends have also told me not to take medication – I am currently not on any medication but since my anxiety & depression are getting worse, I may need to go back to my doctor and see what he says. Just remember – your friends, family, and loved ones don’t know exactly how you feel and what you experience. Often times they mitigate it because they just don’t know what it is like to be you. Just trust that you know what’s best for you. Others may have opinions but take them for just that – opinions. You can choose to ignore them. I did not ignore them but I think now is time to seek more help since non-medicinal measures such as meditation are not always effective. Good luck


    1. i 100% agree! I feel as though people mainly associate medication as a bad thing and although they see some of the stuff we suffer its not visible to an extent that they can know whats good for us in the long run. I hope you get the help you need with seeking medical advice! Good luck to you too!

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