My eyebrows..

This blog post is abit different from my normal posts, this being because im always asked how i do my eyebrows, now this question confuses me because as i am no way interested in the details of makeup nor do i have a clue what i would be talking about so i just assumed there was only one way, im wrong (Apparently)

Thats why i decided to make this post abit different, as i have no way of knowing the technical terms of what i am using or doing i thought i would show you instead.

I dont use expensive products mainly because i would no doubt get the wrong thing and what i currently use on my eyebrows is specified for blonde hair individuals but when i tried the brunette one i found it was just a little too dark for me and this one works best. There are several links below for the product i use it costing only £3.99.



Collection cosmetics

I use a typical normal small angled brush, the brand i am using is just a cheap brand called ‘U-Spicy’ but you can get any brand of them from any drug store.

I am also very aware of how bad my skin is, every so often my skin gets very dry and irritated and i have to treat it a certain way, during this time i dont wear makeup as it irritates it even more and it takes longer to heal hence why in this post i have no makeup other then my eyebrows done.

Click here to see the video on how i do my eyebrows:

Sky x


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