Going to an Oral Surgeon?

Ive been very absent from my blog lately, partly as August and September are such busy months as every member of my family seems to have been born in them, planning my nans birthday party, which a blog post will be coming in the next couple of weeks buti n the mean time check out Talkingtables.co.uk and see if you can spot some goodies ive used and the last thing that has consumed my life is not really something i thought would occur in my life. I mean im not healthy but nor am i unhealthy, im what is called a reasonable weight for my height and i dont eat that much junk food but a couple of months ago i got a lump in my mouth, not something to be scared about i mean i thought it was an ulcer and since i had my first filling then i asked the dentist and she confirmed it probably was an ulcer so i left it.

Two months passed and this lump still hadnt disappeared, it didnt have the feeling of an ulcer nor did it quickly go away within 3 weeks like an ulcer does so i searched it online (oh i know not the smartest thing to do) and i came across a mucus cyst. Now this made everything abit more understandable and that was what i thought it could be, now with a mucus cyst you have to go to the doctors and they give you antibiotics to be able to help with the process of it disappearing so i thought nothing of it, i was calm and just happy at the thought it would be out of my way.

I went into the doctors, not with just that problem but many so it got to the last minute and i asked him, he himself agreed it was probably just a mucus cyst, until he touched it and felt around.

Apparently its just not feeling right. He said with a mucus cyst it shouldnt be that hard nor should it be firm like a lump when you bang your head nor should it be growing. He was feeling around it for ages huffing and puffing and i really didnt think much of it, until he said i needed to go to an oral surgeon. I mean just the word surgeon puts fear in my body let alone the fact it involves my mouth.

Long story short I need to get the lump removed and checked out. God knows how thats going to go and god knows what results it’ll bring back.

I mean it quite a scary situation, you get letters through the post that asks personal information with a list of things you may need and a list of things not to do, it gives you strict instruction and even provides you with a map (thank you i get lost in my own house) but its worth it, it may be nothing but at least its getting checked out.

I know many people may be asking why im sharing such personal information with you but until this i was only aware of ulcers and i thought they didnt have a limit and fair enough sometimes they can last for a long time but the recommended time is 3 weeks so if you have one that lasts that long please get it checked out, whether it be a mucus cyst, something else or just an ulcer that likes you too much.

My appointment it on the 6th October so i will update you all on it when the time comes.

Have a good day

Sky x


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