Brave the Shave

Brave the Shave is an event which the macmillan trust run to help fund money for their charity. Its where people fortunate enough to not have to go through the struggles of losing their hair shave their hair off with sponsorships helping to raise money. Here is a link to their website which explains soe real life stories on how the money is used to help people

You see we dont realise it but hair is a very important part of us, its what we were grown up to be told that it defined who we were as a person and made us the individual that we are. I mean it couldnt be further away from the truth i mean we as an individual control what defines us as a person may it be the way we look or the personality we have.

For my mum her hair had been the only thing in her life she could control, what with various illnesses she isnt able to have the life she wishes or do the things she wants to at time but with her hair nothing changes, she can do whatever she likes with it whenever she likes. Its almost a comfort blanket to herself. A couple of months ago however she started thinking different. You see we had been aware of brave the shave for a while after watching a news report about a girl who had never cut her hair before yet was shaving it all off to raise money but none of us had really had the strength to do it. I mean it sounds silly as we ourselves can choose to keep our hair or not when some people arent that lucky, they dont have a choice.

So she decided to do it. Set a date, a time and a goal on how much she wanted to raise. Its amazing really, i mean i would be lying if i said i thought she would 100% go through with it because i did have that doubt in my mind but she proved me so wrong and i am so proud of her.

Our original target was £100 but since we smashed that target in a matter of a couple of week we upped it to £150. I can proudly say that my mum herself has officially raised over £200 to go to macmillan.

Im such a proud daughter, even more than i am any other day. Shes a special woman and i know the thought that she as helped somehow will stick with her forever.

To see the video please click on the followed link


Have a good day

Sky x


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