70th Birthday bash!

Parties can be stressful alone but when you have the planning on top it can be a nightmare. Buying several different makes of decorations for them all to rip or split when you get them out for a sneak peek, receiving decorations that dont particular go with your theme nor do they look like what they were advertised. Pretty much everything is open to going wrong.

So when planning my nans party we were abit held back, not really knowing what to get nor did we know what we could expect as this had never happened before, you see this was my nans first party in her whole 70 years so we wanted it to be special. To make matters even worse my nans a hard woman to please, shes not really a fan of much things, more like a keep it simple and less hassle kind of girl so we stuck with a metallic theme, this being the only thing that really captures my nans eye, well that and lions anyway.

I felt as though the only website that really gave us a high range of things was TalkingTables.co.uk. They did decorations for all kinds of occasions, even decorations that you wouldnt really think about adding but ones that made the outlook even more special. I’ve found the things wrong with other decorations is they cant make it passed the setting up stage let alone the hectic party atmophere as the material they are made from are very flimsy and weak however I found the quality of the products i received from TalkingTables to be extremely high as me being the clumsy large fingered person i am dropped them quite a few times. The one thing i am overly happy about their decorations is that they dont just have one means of attaching the big decorations together as usually with decorations you attach them at the top and a noticeable hole is still showing due to the decoration being so large and there not being anything to help hold them together but these had double sided tape all down the attached areas, paperclips that matched the decoration and even the choice of threading the string right through meaning there was no such hole visable.

Another thing i noticed is with the banner type decorations. As most of you probably know finding one thats long enough is a struggle either that or the fact you buy it and realise its too small so your whole idea has to be scrapped, with these however their banners seem to last forever, i feel it was a reasonable length to take in any situation where it may be used. The lettered banners also have the chance to move the letters closer of further away from eachother depending on the length or where it needs to be placed.

I felt like in all it gave the wow factor that we were after, the fact it’ll be in her memories as one thing she’ll never forget. It made it different and absolutely amazing. I will continue to use their website and their decorations and  i highly recommend you do too as for the quality their decorations are they’re definitely priced cheaply!

It was a day where my family could spend relaxed and laughing and joking around, somewhere we didnt have to worry about the youngsters getting caught on anything or breaking anything, it made the atmosphere even more chilled back and i loved it and i know my nan did too. Now off to consume the left over cake and tidy the horrid mess that got left behind up.

Click on this link to see all the products and the get ready for the party: https://youtu.be/OE5XGhvD0Wo

And why not check out their website for yourself! : Talkingtables.co.uk

Have a good day

Sky x



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