Is School really that vital?

From a young age we’ve always had it drilled into our heads that school is the way forward, that without it we will get nowhere in life and i suppose our parents were taught the same so they only do what they deem best. Of course if your kid is quite happy to skip into school everyday or they just have the casual odd moan about it then yes, encourage your kid to go into school but if your kid is the kid that holds back from going in through to fear, that makes themselves vomit or that throws a fit that could potentially make themselves poorly, i suggest you dont.

As someone who had an issue with going into school from a young age, i was always somewhat forced, my parents didn’t mean it to have such a bad effect and i knew that. They thought they were doing what was best but it made me end up hating them. Despising them at the fact they were pushing me into something that was damaging me so badly.

You see when mental health is involved the fear of school only intensifies, mix that with the idea of sniggering people or if your kid is being picked on then that can cause massive issues for said child. I myself agree education is the up most important thing a child may need for their future and for them to continue into the path they one day want to take but is it really necessary to put their mental health at risk for it?

Education is a flexible thing, these days many parents take the brave decision on pulling their child out of school to homeschool them, some for their own reasons, some to benefit their child and others have no choice. That is still education, as long as their parents puts in the effort to learn that child the skills they will need for the future then that is an education. Theres no need for people to force children into a classroom for so many hours to learn pretty much useless things for your future when they’re absolutely petrified of the idea.

Some parents may call it cushioning your kid to take them out of a situation that petrifies them to the point they work themselves up and so be it but i myself find it more damaging leaving your child in that environment instead of stepping forward and sorting it out before their fear gets worse.

You imagine being young and being forced into a place that you are absolutely petrified of, that there sets up a fear inside of you for future schools, you’re going to assume thats your fate forever because you’re just a young child and you dont know any different but your mind has that one memory in its database forever, its just not fair.

We need to stop drumming it into our children that going to school is something they have to do and just tell them education is important no matter what way they achieve it. Mental health is more important than any results on how smart you may be at a certain time in your life, these often on skills you dont even need to continue your future career but some how they still seem to teach you about what r is etc.

I mean maybe if school were more aware of mental health and didnt just brush it under the carpet then we would be able to understand it ourselves from an early age and not just believe the things we are told about us being weak and that we should stay in the shadows, one that causes us to become somewhat a hidden, depressed version of our actual character. To me school was my enemy, school was the one thing that made me as bad as i am today and of course i agree i made some amazing memories from it but the whole concept of it and the panic i went through walking through corridors and having the pressure to be able to get certain work done in lessons whilst being paranoid that the group sitting laughing across the room were laughing at something about me, i would’ve done better sitting at home doing nothing.

Always think whats best for your child now, not whats best for their future because if you continue to put them in damaging situations their future could fade under your hands.

Have a good day

Sky x


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