Update on COPD

When i posted my first blog post about COPD and opening up about this new adventure that had entered our life i promised i would keep everyone updated, teach people what we have learnt as we have been going along and i felt now was the time to do that update after having a whirlwind of a few months.

It is now coming up to 4 months since we found out, a struggling 4 months, for my dad more than anyone else. In the last 4 months hes accomplished so many things, giving up smoking, managing doing things in a different way then what he used too. However during this time we have became aware of certain things he has to avoid and how hes unable to do most stuff he used too. For example, at the start of the year we started the idea of moving my bedroom downstairs and before everything got bad we was luckily able to decorate the basics, this means not only is my room incomplete but we have a spare room upstairs that we were hoping to convert into a room for my young nieces, this has been put on hold. You see many of the ideas my dad has involves making things from scratch, him getting a sense of accomplish from doing so. About a month ago when we went to look at certain types of wood in B&Q (dont, i was confused too. It was a not very fun Sunday morning for me) we realised my dad had started to become very restless and wheezy, finding it hard to breathe and suddenly feeling very light headed and having to take his pump. This is when we realised our first hurdle.

Our second hurdle is finding out house chores are alot harder. This might seem abit selfish on my families part so i must insert the fact that certain things like the washing my dad prefers to do himself as he has to do it a certain way. Now hes unable to carry the dried washing to the side to fold it up, unable to stand up long enough and has trouble bending down to certain highs and staying there for a period of time. The heat of the tumble dryer gets to his chest and sometimes he finds it difficult to breathe because of it.

The third hurdle is pretty much natural life. I feel as though the atmosphere has changed completely. As we now know its present and how dangerous it is we are aware of what we should and shouldn’t do. Running around with my nieces becomes a task almost as grueling as school and the littlest amount of stress causes untold problems, which is a downful in this family as that is the one emotion that never seems to disappear. The fact being around certain illnesses is a no and the doctors stress every time but its almost impossible not to be around when you live around the person so the stress of us having a cold increases a huge amount at the thought he could get it and it could effect him horrendously.

Luckily, i say luckily its not really but since my last blog post we have only had one severe incident where the paramedics had to be called out, this being when my dad collapsed in the hallway late in the day. Its scary because that whole day he felt fine, the whole day he said he felt perfectly normal and like nothing was wrong, him not even needing to take his pump an unusual amount of times however within seconds it all hit him and he was collapsed on the floor. Luckily he wasn’t in the hospital over a period of days and arrived home at half 3 in the morning completely knackered and with no explanation from the doctors other than it was his COPD and SVT both played up at the same time and his body was unable to cope. Him being perfectly fine according to them but it will never be any less scary. No matter how many times we have to call an ambulance i will continue to be absolutely petrified when im standing there unable to do anything at all. Seeing your dad attached to a heart monitor and having oxygen given to him whilst his body turns a funny looking yellow colour and over thinking every little look the paramedics give to eachother. Having questions asked to you from the next door neighbors for days when its not something you want to think about until the next time because no matter how bad it sounds you know theres always going to be a next time.

Ive become more understandable of the condition, researching about every little bit of it so i can help my dad have a more comfortable home life. Him not having to overly struggle or worry about anything because even though i am aware how hard it is on us i know for him its worse as he has had to change his life from every aspect. The idea of him not being able to do something he really enjoys can be shattering however we are getting there and thinking of ways to overcome obstacles. The constant hospital appointment and assessments he has to go through to test the length/strength of his breath and how badly his COPD is progressing, which even though i am very open about my life on my blog my family wish to keep that confidential, can be very exhausting for him causing him to need days to recover properly.

Again i will keep you informed in the future of how everything is and what has gotten better or worse, whether we eventually find ways to overcome things and how my dad copes with it himself.

Have a good day

Sky x


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