24 Days Leading Up To Christmas..



As today is the first day of December, meaning the first day of the month leading up to my most favourite time of the year i thought it was only right to celebrate with a blog post and follow it up with a blog post everyday until Christmas day. As Christmas time can be the busiest time of the year theres nothing better than being able to sit back at the end of the day and relax with something good to read.

As a big lover of Christmas our decorations are nearly always out before the first of December, mainly down to my overly eagerness and the fact i pester my dad until he finally gives in and lets me decorate the house to the dozen. I find whole putting the decorations up process is 100x more special than what the end product looks like. The laughing, the arguing, the music and the dancing. The bonding and the memories you’ll have with your family to hopefully carry on with a family of your own one day. The buzz of Santa Claus coming for the little ones and the buzz for you of seeing their faces when they finally open the presents they’ve been pestering you to ask Santa to buy them for months on end.

I mean sure, Christmas time comes with a whole lot of stress aswell but in the end its all worth it right?

To look back on in a couple of months time when you’ve finally been able to recover from the stress it causes you only for it to start up again almost instantly. I mean theres many a things that stresses you out at this time of year, as for birthdays aswell but its happy. The whole atmosphere is a happy one, happiness that goes on for weeks and weeks.

Of course if you are religious then Christmas has a very special place, a meaning and thats what fuels your love for it, thats what helps you in your celebration, now personally my family isn’t religious, we never have been and although we all have our personal thoughts on it we have never celebrated Christmas in a religious way. For my family the whole holiday is very family orientated, everything revolves around the little ones and spending quality time with the eldest of the family, creating memories we can look back on for years to come, for traditions to be passed down. For example, every year on Christmas eve me and my dad without fail spend the whole day baking. Its something we both love doing, its like a bonding session for us both because even though we live in the same house everything is so hectic we never really have time to have a full catch up so whilst everyone is rushing around me and him have a relaxed day at home baking food that could probably feed a hundred. Im not sure how it will plan out this year what with him being so poorly, im hoping we’re still able to do it together but if not i’ll be sure to carry it on myself.

Other things that excite me about Christmas is the whole countdown to the day, the fact you know somewhere in the house your presents are hidden and you have to refrain yourself from going on a hunt and ruining the surprise for the day or the other way round where you have to find somewhere to hide everyone elses present when they go everywhere in the house especially when you’re not present in the house at the time they decide to go searching. The suspense is something you could either love or despise. Both ways im so excited!

Dont forget to follow my blog as every day up until Christmas i will be posting a blog post!! 

Have a good day 

Sky x


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