Storytime: Santa Claus was in my living room?



I decided for my third blog post of December i would speak about the time i was sure for years that i had seen Santa in my living room.

As a little child the temptation of seeing the amount of Christmas presents before your parents did was something you just couldn’t pass. I was always that kid, i would wake up early knowing i wouldn’t be able to see them for hours to then sneak downstairs into the front room and have a feel of the presents to see if i could guess what they were. I mean i agree it was abit cheeky and very rude but when you’re a kid the Christmas magic is still at full level and you cant help but have the urge.

Now this day i remember purely because im still not entirely sure what it was in the living room but lets just say im an adult now and i know. So all my life i have been a very light sleeper, i wake up at doors being opened or people being present in my room or just any noise. This night i remember being woken up by a noise. Now we never had stockings when we were younger, i think we had them around once maybe twice but it just wasn’t something our family liked so we never felt the need to go out and get them, sure we had them hung up for decoration but that was all they were, decoration. So i go downstairs being my curious self as i was very much awake by this point and wondering if Santa had been or not.

I should probably mention this is the time i woke my brother up as lets face it im never brave enough to do these things on my own but somehow i was the one that was made to push the door open, so i did.

My front room door is pretty simple, you push it and it opens. No force is needed, not even the handle being pushed down. Its a simple give it a nudge and it’ll swing open. It didn’t. This is where it gets confusing because i remember the door opening not even a few millimeters, you weren’t even able to get your full hand through the gap it was that small and it refused to open anymore, almost like it had hit something. However after a couple of hours of running to our bedrooms in complete awe at the fact we were pretty 100% sure we saw Santas red suit through the front room doors window we eventually just had to get our parents up and we did. This time when we opened the door is opened PERFECTLY.

When we went in there was nothing that it could of caught on, nothing in sight that could have been moved and im aware some people might say it was my parents putting something the other side of the door but when i said you couldn’t fit a hand in the gap i literally meant a kids hand so there was no way an adult hand could fit through it. This is where ive always been confused. As i mentioned before my whole childhood i was convinced it was Santa and now im not too sure. What i do know it is what very weird!!

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Have a good day

Sky x


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