Anxiety at Christmas time…



Christmas time is a very busy time in many aspects. From the end of November people are running around the town centre trying to catch up on presents they’ve been trying to put off buying for many months or they are trying to get their Christmas grocery shopping to stock up cupboard until the new year. Both ways it means pretty much everywhere is constantly packed with people. Add in the little Christmas events going on its basically hell.

One thing that puts me on edge is crowded places, places filled with loads of different people, different opinions and different facial expressions. It makes me anxious and nearly always leads to me having a panic attack. It is upsetting i mean Christmas is my favourite time of year yet every time it comes around im petrified for the effect my anxiety may have on the celebrations or the excitement of buying things for people.

This leads me on to another major factor in Christmas that causes me anxiety that is probably completely unnecessary. Present giving. When i give close family members presents im fine. I feel as though i could give them a sock and they would be grateful and i have no doubt other people i give presents to would be grateful for that aswell but i cant help but feel because im into giving meaningful presents rather than expensive presents that they are nearly always disappointing in them hence the anxious feeling until i get the confirmation that they appreciate them.

Im fully aware that in this day and age many people prefer to be sent things that are in fashion or that are something they can show off that they have received but me myself enjoy the little meaningful presents, the presents that have a meaning behind or even brings you back to a memory that you have always treasured in your heart. Im about photos and homemade stuff. I am in no way saying that i wouldn’t like some in fashion, expensive stuff because im a 19 year old girl its quite natural for me to see, especially makeup items that i would like to be brought but ive gotten to the point in life that ive realised that isn’t something that i could necessarily enjoy neither is it something that i really need. As much as i would appreciate it i just couldn’t as people to go out and spend so much of their own money on only 1 item when they could be using it for many other things for themselves or other people.

Even though Christmas is my most enjoyable time of the year its also the worst for my anxiety. The over crowdedness and the idea of people hating their presents only dampen my holiday spirits. I want to say in the next couple of years i’ll learn to not care and be able to have a more relaxing time but i suppose only time will tell.

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Have a good day

Sky x


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