Christmas Decorating…



Im aware this is usually the first post everyone posts and  mean its true n the 1st of December like usual i helped decorate the main tree in our house. Yesterday however i was given a small tree to put up in my bedroom, something i’ve always wanted to do but not really had the room in previous years. This year however i was down in the biggest room so i was allowed.

Now im not really an organised person when it comes to decorating the tree, i usually just throw decorations on and hope it looks nice however this year i spent some time making sure everything looked somewhat pretty. This is the finished look:


Home made decorations are something special to my family so they are usually on the main tree but this year i managed to sneak the Santa i made and coloured  in year 6 into the tree on my room. Its something that gives me happy memories in such a bad tie of my life that i cant help but look back on it with joy. The angel on top of the tree is actually something very treasured in our family. Every year we go from either the star on the angel and switch between the years. Of all the years we have had to get so many new stars as they break or become tacky looking however this angel has been in my family for as long as i can remember and is still in pretty good condition considering all the bashing it has been put through over the years.

Thats pretty much it to this blog post. However i would love to see some of your trees and how you decorated yours so feel free to drop a comment or even tweet me Sky blu some pictures!

Dont forget to follow my blog as every day up until Christmas i will be posting a blog post!! 

Have a good day

Sky x


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