20 Blogmas ideas….



As this year is my first year doing Blogmas i didn’t quite realise the struggle it would be to do a post everyday and be able to come up with good content. With my blog specifically being around my mental health and my general life it made it extremely difficult to think of ideas especially when i didn’t want to trail too much off the subject that my blog is about. My first thought when i decided to get involved was that i could do several blog posts in advance then i wouldn’t be struggling so much as i could always keep one blog post ahead of myself, this hasn’t happened. In fact I’ve struggled to even manage to write blog posts what with being so poorly, somehow however ive managed it so far.

I’ve been lucky that i had enough posts to make up the first few days so i could properly relax and help myself recover but they soon went down and i found myself stuck. I had no energy and absolutely nothing to write about. I hadn’t brought anything nor had i done any activities that i could share with you all. This made me think of this post. Im aware this post is going around quite alot but i have never seen a post where the things i could be interested in writing about are in one place so i decided to do my own. Here are 20 ideas you could use for your blog this December:

  • Festive Haul
  • Past Christmases
  • Letter to Santa
  • Recipe for your favourite Christmas treat
  • Decorating for Christmas
  • Charity at Christmas time
  • Guide to saving for Christmas
  • Christmas Day look
  • Whats on your Christmas list
  • A day in the life
  • Product reviews
  • Holiday crafts tutorial
  • Stocking stuffers ideas
  • Make your own Christmas decorations
  • Christmas Playlist
  • Must have advent calendars
  • Festive makeup looks
  • Christmas tag
  • Christmas day Haul
  • Top buys under £20

I hope they help some of you in finding more ideas for this festive time of year!

Dont forget to follow my blog as every day up until Christmas i will be posting a blog post!! 

Have a good day

Sky x


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December 7th: Christmas over the years….


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