My Christmas List….



As cheesy at this sounds im not a big fan of Christmas lists, im not sure whether its me being an adult and knowing the pressure they give to other people that sucks the fun out of it or im simply too grown up for it but its just something i simply dont get fun from. However this year has become different for me as i now have a niece old enough to understand all about Christmas and join in with the activities that are involved in it. This also means that i am being nicely forced into joining in aswell.

I have wrote a letter to Santa, made decorations and a Christmas list. The Christmas list being something i thought i could share with you just in case you need any ideas to add to your Christmas lists, i will include links next to the products, if they have a link, just in case you want to have a peek yourselves. I would like to point out aswell that im a person who enjoys the little things in life or things i can treasure so there will be no exciting high brand stuff in my Christmas list. Some people find that laughable but thats just how i am, sorry.

  • Cheryl Stormflower Platinum Body Mist –
  • Memory Foam Pillow (your girls getting old)
  • Thigh high boots
  • Eyebrow Palette –
  • Fluffy socks
  • Picture frames
  • Cheryl Stormflower Noir –
  • A puppy (girl can dream)
  • A small makeup mirror

That is my very small Christmas list. I always feel bad asking for gifts as my birthday is so close after Christmas that i feel as though i am being disrespectful to ask for things that are ridiculously over priced when my family isn’t what i would call well in money as it is. However like every other teenager i do like to push my luck and ask for a few things i know i wouldn’t get because the price and practicality of it is impossible currently, bet you cant guess what they are ey? (Definitely the fluffy socks)

Truthfully growing up i’ve come to think as Christmas being more for the youngsters of the family or more for me to spoil my parents unexpectedly. As much as i appreciate getting presents the joy 100% comes out of seeing other peoples faces when they open theirs. This year i’ve only asked my parents for 3 things, things that arent particularly expensive but things i know i will either get use out of or enjoy. Its not about showing off for me anymore its about enjoying the holidays with my family and letting my nieces boast about what Santa Claus has brought them.

What did you ask for in your Christmas list? Anything exciting?

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Have a good day

Sky x


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