My Favourite Vlogmas’ to watch…



Every December i always enjoy being able to watch Vlogmas whilst i wrap presents up, mainly because it gets me in a more festive mood plus im just generally a nosey person so having an insight into someone elses life intrigues me. I have in fact watched many different peoples vlogs over the past couple of years but there is always a couple of people i go back too. Mainly because not only is their content good but they’re generally interesting people to watch may that be with what their life entails or they just have a very interesting personality.

The first person who i always watch is someone everyone else probably watches too, Zoella. Although through the year im not very interested in most of her vlog whether that be because im constantly busy or im just not in a youtube mood, it just so happens that every December her name is always the one i type first into the search bar. Shes someone who has a similar over the topness with Christmas what can i say.

The next ‘youtuber’ i never fail to watch at vlogmas is Tom Fletcher. Now im fully aware being a youtuber is not his main job, im aware of his huge career before the youtube community even became the slightest bit popular with people. That i know. I just find him a very interesting person and although his vlogs are very short they never fail to make me laugh.

And of course his wife follows him as one of the youtubers i watch at vlogmas, Giovannasworld. Shes hilarious. I am constantly laughing at some of the tiniest things she says in her vlogs and her little boys are the cutest i have ever seen.

Ive come to the realisation that again i continue with someone close to Tom Fletcher, his sister Carrie, Itswayspastmybedtime. I could quite literally listen to her sing forever.

Apologies but that is it. As i said im very busy everyday of the year so add Christmas pressure on top of that the spare time i get is very small meaning i dont really get that much time to watch many vlogs, that and i havent really found others that i dont get bored of after a while. Not in any way saying that they are boring but its just not content i find interesting.

Do you have any youtubers whos vlogmas you watch every year without fail?

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Have a good day

Sky x


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