Welcome to 2017!



As today is January 2nd i thought there was no better way to start this years blog content off with saying happy new year to everyone! 2017 is the year my blog officially turns 1!

When i first started my blog is was mainly for myself, i had been wanting to do it for a while as i feel a tonne better once ive got certain things off my chest and the thought that it could help other people finally pushed me into starting last February. I remember posting my first blog post to all my friend etc, i was beyond nervous. You see doing new things and taking different paths in life is not something im used too, im a very keep to the same everyday sort of person as change can be quite triggering towards my anxiety. I must admit at the time i started my blog post i was in an awful place, i felt down and didn’t really feel as though there was much point in living my very limited life. I’ve posted blog posts that i quickly deleted after, realising that it just wasn’t the path i wanted to go down and yes ive received LOADS of criticism. People often seem confused at the concept of me putting so much of my life online for other people to read and i agree, sometimes it can be very overwhelming and almost attention seeking but the only way you are able to help other people is if you put everything on a silver platter and serve it up.

I never expected my blog to get to over 6000 reads, i mean i thought maybe it would get at least 100 within the first year what with my ever growing extended family but never in a million years did i think other people would be interested in the posts i wrote or the photographs i have taken. It becoming a shock when people started to give me positive feedback when i hardly spoke to them if i did at all.

I feel as even though i was aware of what my blog could become to be or how it could help people i never thought it would. Now it warms my heart when people tell me they read every single post of my blog whether it be about anxiety or just a random rant on a situation that had happened, the fact they see the link and every time they click on it is special to me.

I finally feel like my voice is being heard, like i had hidden away for so long with no opportunity or way to get what i wanted to say out there and now i do. This is my opportunity to do everything and more that i want to do with my life, this is a journey not just with myself but everyone else who reads this. Hopefully my blog continues to grow but if it doesn’t i am forever humbled knowing i got this far, Happy new year guys and may you all get the happiness, health and success that you all deserve.

Have a good day

Sky x


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