A year of blogging!!



This week officially marked a year of me blogging which to me seems crazy. I remember i had set my blog up at least a year before i officially started posting but was too scared of what people thought about the things i wrote, seems silly now thinking back to it but to me it was a big step in letting the world know something about me that i hadn’t quite gotten my head around myself yet.

Right from the beginning my blog was always about my mental health and in some ways it was too personal but it was something i wanted. I was either going to put my all into it or nothing, i wasn’t going to be half hearted. I mean im aware to some people i may still post things too personal online and thats okay because im aware everyone has their own opinions on what should be posted and kept private however this is to help other people and if putting myself out there more then i normally would helps someone then im completely up for that.

This year i haven’t really strayed too far from what i know in blogging, I’ve kept it pretty simple and i did try and follow the crowd in some respect but i later realised that isn’t where i want to go, i want to stay grounded and pretty back to basics with my blog. A long with my blog growing so have i, I’ve become stronger as a person and my mental heath isn’t quite the state it was so long ago, granted I’ve hit some major stumps along the way and my life has been anything but smooth this past year, thats the journey of life i suppose.

I thank everyone who has read my blog since I’ve started writing it and i thank everyone who has joined in on my journey since. Nothing makes me happier then knowing someone is enjoying reading what i write and maybe even benefiting from it.

Here’s to the next year!

Have a good day

Sky x


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