Raising money for Charity!!

Today is a post with a complete turn. If anything it has something more to do with my best friend and her life, a personal life from a different view you could say. Now one of my best friends who herself is a survivor of cancer has a niece. A very poorly niece. Mia is beyond an inspiration. At a young age of 1 and a half acute lymphoblastic leukaemia hit Mia only for her to be given the all clear for it to then make an appearance again 7 months later. Mia is currently receiving on going treatment which i personally wouldn’t know the details of but her charity does indeed have a Facebook page if you would like to hear all about Mia and the obstacles she faces https://www.facebook.com/Miamoosfoundation/

The charity itself hope to raise enough funds to purchase a holiday home to help other families who have been effected by childhood cancer and to help them receive well deserved rest beyond their hospital visits and to help create memorable times for the families.

Personally ive only met Mia once. The one time i did meet her was at her Aunties wedding. Im more then aware how poorly she was at the time but you would have never seen that through her. She was happy and full of smiles and just fully enjoying herself. It inspired me beyond belief.

Since then Mia has sadly gotten more poorly and as three people we wanted to do something to help raise the spirit of her family and other families effected so on the 23 July 2017 Me, Her auntie Kerri-ann and our friend Lauren will be doing a Colour Run in aid of Mia Moos Foundation and i would LOVE and APPRECIATE it so much if you could all help us reach near or even on the target. It would mean alot to be able to help and give back.

You can click to Donate Here and please leave your name so we can personally thank you in the future, Thank you so much.

Have a good day

Sky x


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