Starting Physiotherapy??

Around early November time i started to develop pains in my lower back, now getting pains in my back isn’t out of the ordinary. In fact ive gone through physiotherapy once before for the top of my back but this time it felt more serious. I couldn’t sit, walk or really do anything without having a pain which could only be described at feeling like a bone was pushing its way through my skin. Naturally i went to the doctors, or who i thought was the best doctor in the surgery i am currently at, the same doctor my mum saw funnily enough. He told me that i had damaged my coccyx even after me telling him i hadn’t had a fall or anything to hurt that area in any way.

I went away with no painkillers and the thought that in a couple of weeks or so the pain would have gone i could get back to somewhat a comfortable life. I didn’t, i went back to the doctors in December because the pain had become increasingly worse to be told the same thing, i went back again in January, twice in February and then i lost hope, i thought that maybe it was what they thought it was but mine was taking some time to heal so instead of going back to the doctors i dosed up on medication and hoped for the best and it worked for a while but eventually the pain got so bad the tablets didn’t help so i went back to the doctors and this time demanded that they helped me in some way as personally i felt as though there was something more wrong then what they were thinking. I got referred to physiotherapy.

The lady was great, she was polite and absolutely hilarious. She took her time at the beginning to understand the problem i had and even asked more in depth questions that i had never been asked about the pain before. Turns out i dont have a problem with my coccyx. In fact my hips arent level meaning my pelvis has gotten stuck and the bones in my lower back are working extra hard to try and push it back down into its rightful position but it isn’t working. I was informed that there was no way the pain would have eventually gone away like i was told as my body has to be exercised to try and manipulate everything to go back into its rightful place. I was told that eventually everything should go back to normal and that i will hopefully become pain free again which i cant even describe how happy hearing that makes me. Sitting down is becoming so painful that even writing this blog post I’ve had to move to different places several times in order to manage the pain in someway.

I must admit it was very strange at the physiotherapy, terrifying in fact. She was pulling my leg (literally) and the voices inside my head were convinced she was going to pull it off, she didn’t luckily its still there although my very vibrant odd socks were definitely admired. Im not going to lie i was definitely in pain after, in fact i was limping for the rest of the day because the pain caused when i put proper pressure was insane but im very happy that im hopefully moving in the right direction to finally get this problem sorted and its taught me that i know better then anyone else when something is wrong with myself and to follow my instinct no matter what.

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Sky x


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