Im aware some of you may be wondering why there is an extra post this week, especially after i told you there wouldn’t be a post until i try and concur my fear with London but last night i was made aware of a site that i feel could benefit you all in an informative way.

Knowing the full effects of Anxiety or any disorder can be confusing for us. I remember when i first became the anxious shell i am now i was confused and had no idea what was going on with my body. I knew nothing and there was no one there to give me enough information to help understand it to an extent that i felt comfortable with.

If im honest with you all its taken me years to fully understand my mental health purely because i was unaware of somewhere that could give me the information i need, Thats where Drugrehab.com  comes in. I never knew this existed nor was i aware of the wide variety of disorders they help you with. Whilst the site mainly focuses on substance abuse and being able to recover from that it also gives you an in dept explanation of situations that may cause substance abuse. These ranging from ADHD to Schizophrenia.

It splits each co-occurring disorder into separate pages and goes in dept to explain what each one is. With anxiety they go into the different kinds, making the understanding to them easier and helping you in finding out which one fits you best in helping pinpoint your exact disorder. Its crazy really that for so long i’ve wanted somewhere that explains exactly what im trying to tell people and its been there this whole time.

The causes, the medication and information on that medication that helps with keeping the anxiety at a lower level, information on ways you can get help and even links where you can leave your name and phone number to get a call back 24/7.

I just think its amazing as clearly they are a drug based place but to take into consideration that all these different mental illness may be the cause or people may just need information in and put it on their site is amazing. To reach out to people of all different situations.

I remember in a blog post a while ago i mentioned how drinking alcohol made me feel free and like i wasnt someone whos life revolved around my anxiety. Even though im aware my situation is different because im able to control my intake of alcohol and prescribed drugs it just gives you an insight on how easy it could be.

Please if you have any questions or just want more information have a look on their site. If you’re looking for a link directly to their page with information about anxiety Click here 

Thank you.

Have a good day

Sky x



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