The colour run for Mia Moo’s Foundation..

On the 23rd July 2017 me and two friends participated in a colour run in aid of Mia Moos Foundation. Now before i go into the day i just want to take some time out to explain why raising money for this charity meant alot to us. Mia Moo’s Foundation is in fact named after the beautiful Mia who is currently very poorly after relapsing. She also happens to be the niece of my beautiful best friend. Out of respect to not only their family but the charity itself im going to insert a piece of writing that is on the official Facebook page for the charity so you can all be informed correctly on Mia Moo’s Foundation.

Mia Moo was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia when she was 1 and a half years old. After two and a half years of treatment including chemotherapy she was given the all-clear in December 2015. 
      Mia enjoyed a period of being well but unfortunately after 7 months Mia began to have serve headaches. Although her initial blood test and CT scan were clear, Mia’s consultant conducted a lumbar puncture to be sure of the situation and heartbreakingly this revealed that Mia had cancer in her spinal fluid; Mia had relapsed. 
    Mia is now fighting cancer for the second time in her short life. Chemotherapy started again in July 2016 and a search to find a bone marrow donor for a bone marrow transplant began. 
   In October 2016 Mia’s family received the news a bone marrow donor had been found and Mia would be moved to Sheffield Children’s Hospital where chemotherapy would continue and radiotherapy would start in preparation for her transplant. 
   Mia received her transplant on 20th October 2016. After 5 gruelling weeks Mia was finally allowed home but continued to have treatment and trips back and forth to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Mia will remain on medication for the rest of her life. 
  After Mia’s first diagnosis, she was fortunate enough to be able to go on a family holiday in-between treatments. Recognising the immense joy this gave Mia, the family have now set up a charity to help other children in Mia’s situation, to be able to experience the same special family time away from the reality of cancer.
  Mia Moo’s Foundation wants to raise at least £40,000 to purchase a holiday home that will be used by families in similar circumstances. 
Our vision is for this facility to offer families affected by childhood cancer a lifeline, offering them invaluable respite between hospital visits, treatment and an opportunity to make special memories 
  Mia Moo’s crew have been fundraising by attending, summer fetes, Christmas fayres, holding meal nights and hosting ladies nights. The crew are always working hard behind the scenes getting ready for the next fundraiser and coming up with new fundraising ventures.”

To follow the charity and keep up to date like their page here Mia Moo’s Foundation

As 3 individuals we decided that we wanted to do something to raise money, we set our target quite high and then went on trying to get some donations. In the mist of getting donation we were also hoping to spread the word around about the charity what with my somewhat high amount of twitter followers i was hoping a RT or two could help in that. Im not going to go into the negatives of the amount of people who weren’t up to helping with a single RT because this is a positive post but i wont deny that it didn’t hurt a little.

After months of trying to get donations it was the night before and we were all together, i think it was only a few minutes before midnight of the day of the colour run that we hit our target of £500 which is absolutely amazing. We are so thankful to everyone who took the time and the money to help us make this happen.

When it comes to the day of the colour run we weren’t really sure what to expect what with the fact we had never done anything like this before and only really ever witnessed it on pictures or videos. It was fun, very fun in fact. I mean granted you maybe got abit of colour in your throat but even with that it was 100% worth it and totally makes me want to start doing more events and things in the hopes of raising even more money.

It fills me with such pride that we did this and was able to raise such a huge amount for such an amazing charity. I will continue to constantly spread the word about this charity to make people more aware of not only the amazing family behind it but also the beautiful girl that inspired it.

Mia, i am forever proud of you and not just as your aunties best friend but a simple onlooker. You inspire me everyday to be a better person and to always smile. Keep fighting gorgeous girl.

Have a good day

Sky x



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