Update on my skin #1

This blog post is in fact going to be completely different to what I originally thought i would be writing for my first skin update. I in fact assumed that it would be no different because i had got it in my mind that everything i was doing to ensure the improvement of my skin just wasnt working. Recently however i have put side by side pictures together and im beyond shocked at the change that I’ve just neglected to notice.

Before I show a comparison i would love to say that the duac alone was able to give these results but its anything but. I decided around 2 weeks ago, maybe 3 weeks if im being completely honest, to completely change my skin routine and become stricter in myself to take care of my face and really get rid of the makeup i was using after the day was up. I had used simple products previously as recommended by my doctor and to be completely honest at first it made my skin extremely dry and quite frankly feel horrible and sore to even go out with because it was so dry it would crack almost instantly. I did however carry on with using the Simple facial wash but just added an extra element to my routine and instead of using a light moisturizer i would use a heavier one and over time my skin became back to a tolerable state.

Not only did i change my moisturizer i added an extra product that i was told would improve the state of my skin, if im being completely honest i purchased said product because i was just beyond done with my face and the state it was in. I was willing to try absolutely anything. Witch Hazel. I hadn’t heard of witch hazel until i saw it on a post in a beauty page that i just happened to click on and ive never been more thankful. The change in my skin in the last 3 weeks since using it is remarkable. At first i wasnt 100% sure what witch hazel was so quite frankly i was putting something on my face without doing the research first and truly knowing what the product was, i highly recommend you DO NOT do this. Before trying a product on your face at least research and know what you are in fact allowing your skin to soak in. I was lucky. Witch hazel is a said to be a natural remedy which helps the inflammation and irritation of skin, it is in fact in a lot of health care products mainly to do with the skin. Now witch hazel is actually not recommended to be ingested so please before using it allow yourself to get known with the risks and possible side effects. Obviously to help your skin you have no need to orally take witch hazel so the side effects almost half. All you really need to do is get a cotton pad, soak in witch hazel and dab on your skin. As witch hazel can kill bacteria that lives in the skins pores, reduce the amount of oil in your skin and speed up healing you can only imagine the results it can possibly have on someones acne.

Now for the pictures, I do have to mention however that i am no way comfortable with putting up pictures of the state my skin was in. Now there is nothing AT ALL wrong with acne in fact it’s quite natural but so is feeling self conscious in yourself and the way that you look and for me that has always been a huge issue.


As you can see in the picture on the left my skin was VERY irritated and sore and if im completely honest with you the lighting in the picture allows me to hide a lot of very small blemishes. The picture on the right was taken a mere hour ago. There is still scaring which im not really expecting to go away and im perfectly ok with that. There is no irritation and it’s not sore in the slightest. There are no bumps and my skin is smooth to the touch. Some of the spots leading to my forehead are still quite red as you can see but they are the ones that have taken alot longer to heal as in the first picture they were quite fresh. Taking that into consideration though they are merely scabs now and will no doubt be nothing more than a scar if that in a couple more weeks.

I’m extremely happy with how my skin is going. I must be completely honest with my progress however and say that the opposite side of my face was in fact in a worse condition than this side meaning it is still pretty bad so I don’t feel 100% confident sharing that just yet but know that in time i will share absolutely everything with you all.

I do recommend Witch Hazel 100% but i cant stress enough how the effect it can have on everyone’s skin is completely different. Everyone has different skin meaning everything can have a completely different reaction so please be very safe and VERY aware of the different side effects and possible reactions you could have when using said product. The product itself on the bottle doesn’t really show many side effects but you can never be too careful in what you use on your skin.

Here is the link to what i use in case anyone is curious: Witch Hazel

Have a good day

Sky x


Skincare review…..

I must admit before you read any further into this blog im not in the slightest informed in the beauty aspect of things but i personally promised a few people i would do a review on this product after purchasing the 3 step set.

I have always had some trouble with my skin but in the past couple of years it had seemingly gotten worse. To the point makeup would make my face look worse and i would hide away instead of hiding the problem areas because to me it did absolutely nothing but highlight what was wrong and would result in my face becoming extremely sore. The first time my face broke out majorly i went to the doctors not really being aware of what it was as this was so bad and sudden that the thought of it being an allergic reaction came to mind. Turns out it was acne. I got given this godsend of a cream and within a month or three it had all disappeared and i felt somewhat normal again.

The second time i had a major breakout i asked the doctor for the same cream again but got given some stand in and it was absolutely horrible and made my skin feel on fire and full of product 24/7. So i stopped taking it. Whilst i was wondering what to do my dad mentioned the ProActiv+ advert he had seen on TV and said to try it but because of the price i was somewhat reluctant. I’ve never spent so much on mainly myself before. All of my makeup is drug store and many of the brushes are ones I’ve found laying around shops. Yup long story short, i brought it. The name of the one i brought was 30 day 3 step core system.


In fact i was lucky that at the time they had an offer on so i got near enough half of the price knocked off plus a free deep cleansing brush and face mask. I mean i could sit here and say i waited and was really apprehensive about the whole thing seeing as personally i have very sensitive skin but no like a kid in a candy shop i went straight for it and washed my face almost straight away.

My first impression

After thoroughly reading through the instructions i saw they stated to use a pea sized amount, i myself use abit more as my forehead resembles that or Ant Mcpartlin but a pea sized amount is just about enough for people with a normal sized forehead i reckon. The skin exfoliate went on smoothly and didn’t feel gritty as all compared to most. If you follow the instructions and apply it to a wet face then it apply smoothly and is easy to spread around your face. The pore treatment to me is like a normal cream. I have definitely seen a difference with it and I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks.

The Skin Hydrator was another thing altogether. I hated it straight away. Not for the way it applied but for the smell. I absolutely hated it and it made me feel somewhat horrid the first day i used it. I cant really describe the smell which is the most difficult thing but as i have no other hydrators to compare it to i dont think i could give a fair view on it. However now im perfectly fine with using it, i seem to have gotten used to the smell and im perfectly fine with it. Its one of those smells that takes a while but you get over it eventually.

Obviously when purchasing these products i looked up about the face mask and indeed saw that you were able to put it on problem areas that were trying to show their face overnight and it would help calm it down. I hardly ever leave product on my face overnight just because im very cautious about those things. However because the sides of my face were coming out really bad i felt as though it would be the perfect time to test the product. It worked. The mask didn’t completely take away the problem but it definitely calmed the area down. The mask does dry after 10 minutes so i was worried about it making those areas dry but after washing it off with the 3 steps it felt just as good as it was before.

The deep cleansing brush i tried the first week or so but it made my face very sore as i said my skin is very sensitive anyway so i prefer not to use that but i do thing its great how it has two settings so depending on your preference you can choose and the new silicone brush is brilliant for washing as it doesn’t take as long to dry as the normal bristle brush


The two pictures on the left were taken the first day i started Proactiv+ and the picture on the right was taken the 13th day of doing proactiv+

Personally to me there is a HUGE difference. The picture on the right is mainly just after scarring and the last of the spots to go. The picture on the left is pretty mild to what it would usually be but is still inflamed with many a sore spots crowded up to eachother. Obviously my whole face is being done in proactiv+ and i do have many a more problem areas but this was my main one and to see the progress its done in just 13 days makes me want to carry on with it. Definitely worth the somewhat expensive price especially with the results i had. It made my skin overly smooth within the 3rd use and by the 4th day i felt like my face had already made so many improvements. I mean granted it is difficult to be able to stick to having to wash your face and put so many creams on your face twice a day but it brings brilliant results!

Have a good day 

Sky x

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