Full face of Revolution..

Little bit of a different post from me. Its something i don’t really make posts about often because its not my neck of the woods nor am i really good at it but makeup is a very secret love of mine, ok not that secret but it made it sound mysterious.

The other day i was rooting around you tube and saw all these different videos on people reviewing the new makeup revolution foundation stick. Now i’m not one for foundation in a stick form and if i’m being completely honest this is the first time i’ve ever really used one. I also thought i might aswell do my entire face in revolution products as i own quite a few and they’re affordable for everyone. This may not be the correct terminology or the correct way to really apply it but i’m all for informing. I would also like to just slide in that although i do occasionally use the revolution website to buy products i mainly purchase from super drug because its literally down the road from my house! If you want to check out their official website however Click here

Primer. The primer i used was Ultra Face Base Primer.

It states that it gives 24 hour makeup protection. I cant for sure say if it does because i am in no way going to wearing makeup for more then a couple of hours and definitely not for 24, so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt with that. Some primers i’ve used have gone on my face feeling really thick but this one almost felt non existent. However it didn’t help with the makeup on my nose issue I’ve been having so all in all i’ll give it about a 7/10.


Foundation. The foundation i used was Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

From looking this foundation up it seems to come in 18 shades at this moment in time, they do have quite a range of shades but personally i don’t really know the ins and outs of all shades, but there’s always room for improvement so if they add more shades that would be brilliant. My shade is F1. It states that its for fair skin tones with neutral undertone. Now i’m going to be honest here and say, i have no idea what undertone colour my skin is, whether its got yellow undertones or pink or what. So neutral seemed the safest option for me. As i said earlier on i don’t use stick foundations, never have, so i was slightly confused on how to apply. Whether you swipe it off the stick with a brush or you swipe it on your face. I went for the latter.

The foundation is thick. It goes on pretty well although its pretty thick to blend out i find but eventually it gets there, i would like to add that could have been for my application but this is the third time i’ve used it and its been tricky all three. The coverage i would say is around medium coverage but very easily build able to get full coverage and the finish look is as they stated, dewy. The only thing i really find wrong is it oxides, only ever so slightly, but this does mean that F1 becomes just that little bit too dark for me. For that reason i’d give the foundation 7/10 also.


Concealer. The concealer i used is Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer.

I am obsessed with this. I originally brought this before the foundation because there was such a hype around how it was a dupe for Tarte shape tape (I’ve never used that but I’ve heard how good it is) so i brought it on the off chance, i mean £4 who could say no. I’m obviously the lightest shade, i love it. Before i got the revolution foundation i had run out of my previous foundation so used this concealer all around my face and it worked SO WELL. As always though i do have a tiny fault, it doesn’t last very long. I’m not sure if that’s because of how small the packaging really is or what but i feel as though it runs out so quickly and i don’t feel like i use alot. Apart from that i LOVE it. I’d give it 9/10.


Powder. In the super drug near me they didn’t actually sell any of the sorts of powder like i usually use to mattify my face however they did have a bake and finish powder so i adapted. Of course i also used the powder for its purpose and baked, again if i’m being completely honest i haven’t a clue what that does but everyone does it so why not follow the trend. As the powder was ghost white i didn’t really want to powder my entire face with it so when i was wiping off the powder i used to bake i just lightly moved the powder around my face with a brush instead of brushing it off completely, it kind of worked? The packaging it comes in is a good size and other then the difficulty i had taking the actual sticker wrapping off the holes to get some of the product it was good but i’m not going to judge something on so small as a sticker. I’d give it a 10/10 i guess? I mean it does its purpose.


Contouring and highlight. To contour i actually use a palette, which just so happens to be the first ever Revolution thing i brought. Golden sugar. Ill place a cross in the picture below of the exact ones in the palette that i used. I personally think that it blends out perfectly and doesn’t leave some patched darker then the others which I’ve found can happen with some other products i use to contour with. Whilst i’m talking about this palette i might aswell mention that i also use this palette to highlight and i am completely and utter in love. Its so bright and noticeable and i am obsessed with it, I’ve used it ever since i brought the palette. It makes me laugh a little because its down as a blush palette but that’s one thing i don’t use it for but makeup is for you so use it how you want. I’d give this 9/10.


Blush. For my blush i used Revolution Blush Palette Blush Queen. If i’m being completely honest the blush i usually use is a single one that i brought AGES ago. I must confess that it is in pretty bad condition hence why i decided to use my palette in this look but just know in an everyday look i would usually use the single panned blush, treat. Which at the time i brought i think cost me only £1. Superdrug however don’t sell it anymore, i’m unsure if their official website does or not. In this look however i used a blush palette, which i must admit is not really my cup of tea. I’m not a fan of a shimmery blush. I don’t know why but personally its just not my thing, i like my blush quite matte. I have to admit though even though they’re not my preferred sort of blushers they are still really pretty. I’d give it 7/10.


Eyebrows. For my eyebrows i used Revolution Ultra Brow Palette Fair to Medium. I actually got given this by a friend as she wasn’t using it anymore and not to boast but people quite like my eyebrows the way i do them so i was really thankful for that. I do in case none of you are aware actually have quite dark brown hair, with a little bit of red but with the eyebrow product i use everyday i use a fair to medium one anyway just because i don’t like my eyebrows to come across overly dark so this was perfect for me. I didn’t use the highlights etc in this palette because i didn’t highlight my brows, for no other reason then i didn’t remember. The shades i used were all three of the darkest ones. I would give this 6/10.


Eyes. For my eyes i used two Revolution palettes and both are some of which i use all the time. Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless Resurrection 3 and Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave which they actually don’t have in the shop i purchased them from however they do have them on the website. As i said i use these two all the time, i find they are very high in pigment and they have such a pretty colour variation. For an everyday look 2 palettes isn’t really needed but the Resurrection 3 doesn’t have a dark black and that’s what i wanted to use in my outer corners that and then i spotted the gorgeous shade i used for my eyelid, this meaning the only colour i used from Resurrection 3 was my transition shade. I’d definitely give these a 9/10, I would say 10/10 but there’s always room for improvement, right?

Last and final product! Lips. My lip products actually came from a lip vault i got just before Christmas. The Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Vault. I used the colour Of Noble in both the lip liner and the matte liquid lip.

Sadly there was one revolution product i couldn’t find in my superdrug and if i’m honest with you i didn’t want to buy and then pay for delivery just on one small thing, Mascara. I do want to try their mascaras but that’ll definitely be for another time in the future when i buy more then one product of theirs. If you happen to be interested in what mascara i used it was L’Oreal Paris False Lash Sculpt Mascara.

Here is how the look turned out..


That’s it for my makeup look. I don’t use fixing spray or anything like that, probably because i don’t feel like i wear makeup long enough to need too but maybe one day i’ll try a revolution one out and give you all a review on it. Future blog post maybe? If you enjoy this one that is, i’m aware its not my usual and most people probably wont sit through and read it all what with my rambling on but if you’re still here, thank you.

Have a great day

Sky x


My Makeup…

So today’s blog post is abit of a different one as lately I’ve been having trouble with my wisdom teeth which seems to somehow effect my ability to do the simplest tasks (in which i will explain in a later blog post) but for now i thought i’d show some of my makeup looks I’ve recently done as I’ve been trying out new ways that are out of my comfort zone. I would like to point out that i am no MUA so theres probably a tonne of things wrong with each look but i had fun and i think they all turned out pretty well. I would also like to point out that there is no editing on these photos so the look you see is exactly how it was.

Look 1.

Eyes: Majestic Palette/Certifeye.

Eyeliner: Scandaleyes/Rimmel

Eyebrows: Collection Eyebrow Kit

Foundation: Light Porcelain/Rimmel (cant find link to any but Ivory but i purchased it from superdrug)

Lips: Poise/MUA

Look 2

Eyes: LaRoc

Eyeliner: Scandaleyes/Rimmel

Eyebrows: Collection Eyebrow Kit

Foundation: Light Porcelain/Rimmel

Lips: Iced/MUA

Look 3

Eyes: LaRoc

Eyeliner: Scandaleyes/Rimmel

Eyebrows: Collection Eyebrow Kit

Foundation: Light Porcelain/Rimmel

Lips: Sizzle/MUA

As i said this is not usually the direction i go in but if you would want more information about how each makeup product is then let me know and i’ll see what i can do and relay what my personal thought is.

Have a good day

Sky x

Skincare review…..

I must admit before you read any further into this blog im not in the slightest informed in the beauty aspect of things but i personally promised a few people i would do a review on this product after purchasing the 3 step set.

I have always had some trouble with my skin but in the past couple of years it had seemingly gotten worse. To the point makeup would make my face look worse and i would hide away instead of hiding the problem areas because to me it did absolutely nothing but highlight what was wrong and would result in my face becoming extremely sore. The first time my face broke out majorly i went to the doctors not really being aware of what it was as this was so bad and sudden that the thought of it being an allergic reaction came to mind. Turns out it was acne. I got given this godsend of a cream and within a month or three it had all disappeared and i felt somewhat normal again.

The second time i had a major breakout i asked the doctor for the same cream again but got given some stand in and it was absolutely horrible and made my skin feel on fire and full of product 24/7. So i stopped taking it. Whilst i was wondering what to do my dad mentioned the ProActiv+ advert he had seen on TV and said to try it but because of the price i was somewhat reluctant. I’ve never spent so much on mainly myself before. All of my makeup is drug store and many of the brushes are ones I’ve found laying around shops. Yup long story short, i brought it. The name of the one i brought was 30 day 3 step core system.


In fact i was lucky that at the time they had an offer on so i got near enough half of the price knocked off plus a free deep cleansing brush and face mask. I mean i could sit here and say i waited and was really apprehensive about the whole thing seeing as personally i have very sensitive skin but no like a kid in a candy shop i went straight for it and washed my face almost straight away.

My first impression

After thoroughly reading through the instructions i saw they stated to use a pea sized amount, i myself use abit more as my forehead resembles that or Ant Mcpartlin but a pea sized amount is just about enough for people with a normal sized forehead i reckon. The skin exfoliate went on smoothly and didn’t feel gritty as all compared to most. If you follow the instructions and apply it to a wet face then it apply smoothly and is easy to spread around your face. The pore treatment to me is like a normal cream. I have definitely seen a difference with it and I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks.

The Skin Hydrator was another thing altogether. I hated it straight away. Not for the way it applied but for the smell. I absolutely hated it and it made me feel somewhat horrid the first day i used it. I cant really describe the smell which is the most difficult thing but as i have no other hydrators to compare it to i dont think i could give a fair view on it. However now im perfectly fine with using it, i seem to have gotten used to the smell and im perfectly fine with it. Its one of those smells that takes a while but you get over it eventually.

Obviously when purchasing these products i looked up about the face mask and indeed saw that you were able to put it on problem areas that were trying to show their face overnight and it would help calm it down. I hardly ever leave product on my face overnight just because im very cautious about those things. However because the sides of my face were coming out really bad i felt as though it would be the perfect time to test the product. It worked. The mask didn’t completely take away the problem but it definitely calmed the area down. The mask does dry after 10 minutes so i was worried about it making those areas dry but after washing it off with the 3 steps it felt just as good as it was before.

The deep cleansing brush i tried the first week or so but it made my face very sore as i said my skin is very sensitive anyway so i prefer not to use that but i do thing its great how it has two settings so depending on your preference you can choose and the new silicone brush is brilliant for washing as it doesn’t take as long to dry as the normal bristle brush


The two pictures on the left were taken the first day i started Proactiv+ and the picture on the right was taken the 13th day of doing proactiv+

Personally to me there is a HUGE difference. The picture on the right is mainly just after scarring and the last of the spots to go. The picture on the left is pretty mild to what it would usually be but is still inflamed with many a sore spots crowded up to eachother. Obviously my whole face is being done in proactiv+ and i do have many a more problem areas but this was my main one and to see the progress its done in just 13 days makes me want to carry on with it. Definitely worth the somewhat expensive price especially with the results i had. It made my skin overly smooth within the 3rd use and by the 4th day i felt like my face had already made so many improvements. I mean granted it is difficult to be able to stick to having to wash your face and put so many creams on your face twice a day but it brings brilliant results!

Have a good day 

Sky x

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My eyebrows..

This blog post is abit different from my normal posts, this being because im always asked how i do my eyebrows, now this question confuses me because as i am no way interested in the details of makeup nor do i have a clue what i would be talking about so i just assumed there was only one way, im wrong (Apparently)

Thats why i decided to make this post abit different, as i have no way of knowing the technical terms of what i am using or doing i thought i would show you instead.

I dont use expensive products mainly because i would no doubt get the wrong thing and what i currently use on my eyebrows is specified for blonde hair individuals but when i tried the brunette one i found it was just a little too dark for me and this one works best. There are several links below for the product i use it costing only £3.99.

Boots: http://www.boots.com/en/Collection-Eyebrow-Kit-Blonde_1459316/


Collection cosmeticshttp://www.collectioncosmetics.co.uk/products/eyes/eyebrows/eyebrow-kit

I use a typical normal small angled brush, the brand i am using is just a cheap brand called ‘U-Spicy’ but you can get any brand of them from any drug store.

I am also very aware of how bad my skin is, every so often my skin gets very dry and irritated and i have to treat it a certain way, during this time i dont wear makeup as it irritates it even more and it takes longer to heal hence why in this post i have no makeup other then my eyebrows done.

Click here to see the video on how i do my eyebrows: https://youtu.be/QKzBMgbCNw8

Sky x