My nieces presents?



I’ve been asked plenty a times what i have gotten for my two nieces, Olivia-May (3) and Ellie-Harlee (1 1/2) for Christmas. I didn’t particular want to write a post about everything they got as there is quite a list so i felt like i could do it in a way that gives off an idea in case other people are struggling to think of ideas for the little ones in their family. I must also stress that they both have a couple of major presents each which i will not mention in this blog post.


Now with Olivia its really quite easy. Shes at that age where she is into everything. She sees an advert and immediately its ‘can you get that for my birthday’ whether she really understands what it does or not. The excitement of getting something shes seen is what really fuels her interest in a certain toy. However she happens to go through these stages where shes very obsessed with something. First it was Thomas the tank engine then its dinosaurs and even though she still is quite obsessed with dinosaurs her new current obsession in the secret life of pets and these surprise bags that are also known as blind bags.

Now these blind bags are quite possibly the bane of my life. Granted they are a very good idea but my god im sure i hear her asking for them in her sleep. The moment she claps her eyes on one shes convinced she HAS to have it, along with the other 100 that is with it. The negative to these things being they are as much as £3.50 for quite possibly the littlest toy known to man. Whatever makes her happy i suppose. Youtube also has a very big network of users who do openings so the more she watches the more she wants to get until she has a certain character. In October i got the idea of possibly putting together a large egg or even just a large bag which is filled with different blind bags, just as a bit of fun and so she could experience what everyone on the video does as she watches them with such admiration however i wanted it to be with things i knew she was interested in and played with which was even more difficult as i just knew on the lead up to Christmas she will want every single one she sees. As it was impossible to be able to afford such a large amount of these in a matter of a week before Christmas i had to start straight away in saving the money which meant i searched online for different things i knew wasn’t available in the shops near us. Im hoping with all the planning it works out in time. Wish me luck!

Another thing Olivia is very into is Play doh! Every since she was younger she was very into making things, constantly using her Play Doh! as a way to make new and different dresses or capes for her tiny Disney princesses. Now we have a very small supply of cutters and just general things that could make Play Doh! more fun for her so i went in search for different things, things i knew she would enjoy. I happened to come across a Play Doh! set specifically for making dresses for Disney princesses, result!

The last thing i am going to talk about regarding Olivias presents is this new thing out. Robo fish. When Olivia was i think 2 she got a couple of fish. Sadly for some reason fish just dont seem to like our house. They are looked after and we follow every single instruction to a t but they just dont want to stay. This means we have a very upset Olivia when we have to explain to her that they are in fishy heaven however when she saw this she was absolutely obsessed, on the floor hugging it tightly obsessed. At just £9.99 i had to buy it. A couple of days after i was in Wilkinsons with her and we were in search of a blind bag when she came across a baby dory fish. Me being uneducated i just assumed it was a swigglefish as she has those for her large stingray she has here but on closer inspection i realise it is actually a dory robo fish, again i had to buy it. I cant wait to see her face when she opens that!!


Ellie, bless my precious one. Shes so sensitive, always has been and probably always will be. Shes not very into much apart from wrecking the place, eating and cuddling her babas so thinking of Christmas presents was very difficult for her as there wasn’t really a range of things she was into. I felt as though it was only safe for me to go for things i knew she would 100% like as i am aware that at her age they go off things very quickly. Like her sister she likes to play (or snatch, you choose) with little dollies however the only ones she has are her elder sisters which happen to have quite small parts for her age (and my very panicky heart) so i thought it would be a nice idea to try and find some dolls that would be just for her, safe and fun.

Now as i mentioned before Ellie is very into dolls and cuddly toys. This meaning for Christmas she is pretty much suffocated in dolls and teddies. Looking around town a month or so ago when i started my Christmas shopping i was abit stuck as i didn’t really want to get her just a normal teddy, i wanted it to be a teddy that she could cuddle but also something fun that she could play with and learn along. I happened to come across a Zootopia teddy which has a switchable outfit and you are also able to learn along with it as it is electronic. For £5.99 i couldn’t resist.

I thought about getting stuff to help Ellie learn as well as play as she is very much cushioned which means shes very slow in picking things up but with the fact shes not into playing very much it can be quite difficult in finding the right toy that could grab her attention long enough. She does however (for the first time) have a big girl pram for her dolls that she can push around as the arguments in this house over whos the pram is is becoming to the point i dont want a sister killing a sister, thank you.

The last thing i am going to mention about Ellies presents is her VERY large elephant teddy. I mean an elephant for Ellie, i can never not. Every since she was younger i was buying her elephant themed things, the cuteness of them and my very amused self couldn’t stop so when i went into Wilkinsons and saw a elephant teddy i couldn’t resist. I mean granted its probably 4 times the size of her but hey at least shell have a cuddle buddy at night!

I’ll be sure to let you know how everything goes on the day!

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Have a good day

Sky x


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