Being named the nit girl in school?

Yes, im finally addressing THAT name.

For the people that went to school with me this title will be somewhat appealing to them, making them feel as though they were right in some respect to the words they spread around about me. Im pretty sure they want me to sit here and say for the years i was named it they were right, sorry to disappoint. Im not going to deny and say I’ve never had head lice. I have, in year 7 i had quite a bad case of them actually but very quickly they were resolved, white vinegar is a wonderful thing (if you’re wondering). However i guess someone saw one whilst i was trying to treat them and thats when it started.

You see it probably doesn’t help at the fact i have the most sensitive scalp as years of eczema have somewhat scraped away at my head which means no matter whether i had head lice or not i was nearly always scratching and then it got to the point that it became almost like a coping mechanism instead of being for any reason in particular. This didn’t help my case.

For years i felt confined into this name. That everything i did was being watched. I couldn’t scratch my head, i couldn’t sit in a classroom without having to look around constantly to see if anyone was watching me. It felt like i was being suffocated for something i didn’t have and it never stopped. If anything it got worse, when people grew up it became this big disgusting thing to have and i get that its not the best thing to have nor is it something particular boast worthy but it is far from disgusting, its actually pretty common if you look it up.

I remember in year 9 i had been in such a bad head space throughout the summer holidays that i started school months late and i was so scared of being in class and it didn’t help that i knew no one because it was the start of our option year so the classes had been switched. I remember a girl that i used to know, who till this day im not entire sure why but she HATED me with a passion, every time the teacher would announce someone to sit next to me because of a seating plan she would announce to them that i was beyond riddled with head lice which meant a scene would be caused and i ended up walking out the class to the main office to then be escorted back to the class and luckily sat at a table with people that were somewhat friendly to me but that never stopped the looks.

If anything it knocked my confidence for years. Yes i had head lice in the most important year of secondary school and yes im more then aware that the impressions you make in year 7 stick with you for life but to scrutinize someone and make them feel petrified every day for something that had been treated years before is ridiculous. I still to this day scratch my head and i still to this day feel self conscious every time i do it. Its ridiculous im aware but i feel as though because that name followed me throughout my school years it’ll still follow me now.

Im an adult now and im more then open to talk about any situation i faced so this isn’t one that will particularly phase me or throw me back with comments that could be aimed at me in respect to this. Im perfectly fine with it all but if you’re wondering no i no longer have head lice and in fact i haven’t had head lice since year 7. Some people may argue back with what they think they saw but im pretty sure i know my own head of hair.

I just want people to be more aware of how damaging labeling someone a name can be. How giving someone that name constantly can effect them in the future way past when you lose contact with them and how their confidence can be constantly knocked down because of it. I just want people to treat everyone with care and respect.

Have a good day

Sky x